What Fragrance Has an Orange Blossom Scent?

What Fragrance Has an Orange Blossom Scent?

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There are several uses for the bitter orange tree's beautiful orange-fragranced white blossoms, including making perfume. The bitter orange tree's blooms are used to make two popular perfume ingredients: neroli and orange blossom.

What fragrance has an orange flower scent? Orange blossom is often used in the top notes of chypre and floral oriental fragrances to give their flower bouquets a citrusy freshness. Perfumes with a robust orange blossom scent are many, as you'll see in the list below.

But first, let's take a closer look at bitter orange blossom's essential oils. 

Essential Oil of Neroli

The bitter orange tree's white blossoms are steam-distilled to make the essential oil known as neroli, which has a strong orange smell. Because it takes thousands of petals to produce only a few milliliters of neroli essential oil, it's a pricey addition to any recipe.

Neroli is a honey-sweet floral fragrance with a touch of citrus that is reminiscent of honey. As a result of its fixative properties, this perfume extends the life of any other scent to which it is applied.

Aromatherapy Oil of Orange Blossoms

The same fresh flowers are subjected to a solvent extraction procedure to produce orange blossom oil. Compared to neroli, this oil has a sweeter, citrusy scent.

A sweet, soapy citrus note evokes the scent of orange blossoms as they bloom on bitter orange trees if you've ever wondered what that fragrance is like. 

Neroli and Orange Blossom Scents You Should Try

Perfumes with notes like neroli or orange blossom are among my favorites. 


Galilee is somewhat citrusy, but more so musky with some sweet pepper. Orange Blossom and Iris combine with pepper to create a wonderful sweetness. In the end you get a wonderful sharp maybe forceful but straightforward scent with a spicy green slightly woodsy backdrop on top of that sweet citrusy beginning.

Fearless Love

The fragrance of delicate orange blossom absolute entices you straight away. It's like a marshmallow sugar accord, except with honeysuckle and velvety rose instead of marshmallow. A sensuous undertone of warm amber adds a rhythmic edge, implying the possibility of knowing another person's emotions. 


The unique impact of berries' calming scent draws your attention. As you're being driven through the rose-pink pepper scented botanical gardens, the air begins to smell Mexican. In combination with the gorgeous orange bloom in the air, the smell of fresh iris forms a mesmerizing circle that captivates your senses. Combining jasmine with smooth vanilla orchids and a subtle influence of deep rich chocolate fragrance produces a mesmerizing scent that will take your breath away. 

Rame Rosso

Tuberose, clary sage, and pink pepper combine in the first notes of Rame Rosso's spicy and white floral harmony. Softly sweet and captivating, the tuberose fragrance captures the essence of summer. The sparkling pink pepper note that enlivens the senses is used to great effect here. Pink pepper balances out the tuberous' flowery overtones with a peppery, though somewhat harsh and delicious, aroma. With its grassy and minty notes, clary sage accentuates the prominent tuberose. Ylang-ylang and benzoin combine with orange blossom and jasmine sambac to form the composition's heart. Although ylang-ylang is present in the bouquet, it is relegated to the background. It is difficult to detect in the white flower arrangement. The solitary amber base note appears to radiate interior warmth throughout the fragrance's lifespan. This amber has a woody undertone and a resinous core, making it lively and engulfing. The result is a sensual and euphoric ecstatic experience.

Black Sahara

To smell Black Sahara is to feel the scorching desert. Imagination is the key to achieving your small goal. Afterward, you may find yourself in the middle of a desert. You're surrounded by sand dunes, continuous sunshine, and the occasional glimpse of a Fata Morgana in the calmer weather. Along with the incense, Egyptian balsam, amber, and benzoin spices that camel caravans transport. Everything about the desert is tangible: the sandstorms, the stones, the glossy brown varnish - you can smell, feel, and even touch it! Also, maybe there's an artesian aquifer with a date and calamus palm-lined oasis somewhere out there? It's possible that with Black Sahara, this lovely fantasy may never come to an end.

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