Erba Speziata
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Erba Speziata

Subfamily Oriental Floral
Gender Unisex

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Erba Speziata opens fresh, elegant with wood, mint, floral, and spicy accords. The opening is bright, excellent projection, strong but not pungent. The opening is a mix of multiple notes. First, a combination of apple and Cardamon gives Erba Speziata its spicy freshness. Lavender, violet, jasmine, and geranium combine and come up as soft white floral tones that are not prominent but noticeable. The mandarin orange enhances the apple notes adding a slight citrusy accord but not sweet. Erba Speziata moves to its dry-down Here, the woods come up along with a vanilla accord, noticeable but not overly sweet. Erba Speziata can be summarized as a woody, Cardamon, warm spicy fragrance with some fruity/citrusy, floral, and vanilla accords. Erba Speziata feels refined, elegant, unique, of high quality, and projects confidence. Its opening and dry-down performance are excellent.

Top Notes Mandarin, Apple, Lavender.
Middle Notes Violet, Jasmine, Geranium.
Base Notes Gaiac Wood, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cardamom, Vanilla, Pepper.


Cruelty free

Not tested on animals


Paraben free

No chemical preservatives

Eco Friendly

Not harmful to the environment

Hypoallergenic free

Colorant & UV filter free

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Middle notes

How to Apply Cologne

  • Apply cologne after you get out of the shower to clean, dry skin.
  • Don’t spray the cologne into the air and walk through it.
  • Target pulse points, such as your inner wrists and neck.
  • Hold the bottle 3-6 inches away from your skin when spraying.
  • Don’t use too much (2-4 squirts are ideal).
  • Don’t rub the cologne into your skin after application.
  • Reapply to your wrists when the fragrance wears off.
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Erba Speziata

Erba Speziata