If you want to fix your nose blindness to BR540, I have a suggestion.

1- Never smell Baccarat Rouge 540 directly on the sprayer, or on the cap, just STAY AWAY from the juice itself.

2- Do not spray or smell any fragrance for a day or two days, let your nose rest.

3- Spray it only once on something, like on a shirt, that is in another room than you spend your time in, then immediately leave the room, do not smell the initial blast. Like just spray BR540 once on something, hold your breath, and leave the room. Trust me with this one. Lol.

4- Come back 5 minutes later and smell the room the shirt is in.

The room is now supposed to smell how BR540 smells to other people, like the famous burnt cotton candy. Be careful though, it is addictive :)

NOTE: Do not directly smell the shirt, or you will go nose blind to it again. If you let your nose-brain learn the smell, it will stop making you go nose blind and you will be able to pick it up anytime. But it might take some time. This happens to some of us because this fragrance has very heavy molecules for our noses.

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