Prioritizing Sustainability in Perfumery

“Our art as perfumers is intrinsically connected to nature. We believe it's crucial to preserve what inspires us for future generations.”

Paraben free perfume 1. Superior Ingredients

The ingredients in our fragrances must be safe for both people and the environment, but animal testing is not required to ensure this.

We truly believe that animal testing is not necessary to make sure that our perfumes and their ingredients are safe for consumers, manufacturers, and the world as a whole.

We evaluate the interactions of a chemical with biological pathways at relevant exposure levels by utilizing a variety of cell-based, analytical, and computational modeling techniques.

These provide us with information that enables us to incorporate ingredients into our fragrances at much lower levels than those that would be hazardous to customers or the environment


Hypoallergenic free perfume2. Locally Produced 

Our perfumes are made to order with love right here in Boyds, Maryland. So we are able to avoid large transit emissions. We keep a close eye on every step of production to make sure that our customers get the high-quality products they deserve. 



Cruelty free perfume3. Better Packaging

Last but not least, the packaging of our perfume is also vital to its impact on the sustainability of our planet. All of the materials we use to brand a fragrance are as eco-friendly as possible and can be recycled.  


Eco Friendly Perfume4. Carbon Neutral by 2024

We have established a target date of 2024 to become a carbon-neutral company. This means that we will become aware of our carbon footprint and we are committed to make up for it through outside efforts to reduce emissions.


 We know we can always do better. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us!