Champaca Cognac

Inspired by Tom Ford's Champaca Absolute (Retail Price: $270)
Subfamily Oriental Floral
Gender Unisex

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Elegant and tailored, yet very delicate, a woman you see from afar while on vacation. She wears small gold hoops and a white silk blouse. A Hermes scarf with wisps of pastel yellow. Jeans. Flats. She's running last-minute errands before her outdoor garden dinner party. Pear-like without being juicy. This is a creamier scent with a hint of natural bananas, without a lick of green or sharp. A pillow, fluffed after housekeeping has tidied and cracked the windows. You're just back from a day in the sun, and your tan lines are beginning to show.

Top Notes Tokaji Wine, Cognac, Bergamot, Broom.
Middle Notes Magnolia Champaca, Orchid, Violet, Jasmine.
Base Notes Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood, Marron Glacé.

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Champaca Cognac

Champaca Cognac