Love Whisper

Inspired by Kilian's Rolling in Love (Retail Price: $250)
Subfamily Oriental Floral
Gender Unisex

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I can’t express my heart, like the nice breeze and the song we listened to together. I feel good, especially more today, under the dazzling and clear sky, on a day where sweat beads fall. We’re holding hands and walking on top of the messy flower road. I’m with you, a heart-fluttering moment. When raindrops fell without warning. We held hands and ran on top of the muddy flower road. I’m with you.

Top Notes Ambrette Seed Absolute, Almond Milk.
Middle Notes Orris Concrete, Freesia.
Base Notes Tonka Bean Absolute, Vanilla, Tuberose Absolute, Musk.

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Paraben free

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Love Whisper

Love Whisper