Almond tree Fragrances

Prunus dulcis | Woods And Mosses
Perfumes that contain fragrance note – Almond tree | Scent profile: A green, nutty and woody fantasy note.
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Love Whisper
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Love Whisper

SKU: Rolling in Love

SKU: Rolling in Love

VENDOR: Kilian

I can’t express my heart, like the nice breeze and the song we listened to together. I feel good, especially more today, under the dazzling and clear sky, on a day where sweat beads fall. We’re holding hands and walking...


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The almond tree is native to the Middle East, but was spread by ancient people as far as the Indus River and has since been transported to parts of Europe, Africa and the United States. Almond trees are small deciduous trees, with a slender trunk and heights of no more than 10 meters. The young twigs of the almond tree are initially green but turn purple with exposure to the sun and gray as the tree matures. The almond tree produces white or pale pink flowers and begins to bear fruit the third year after planting.