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Product Code Journey Woman

Pepperia Woman

Delicious, mysterious, lush, sweet, spicy, velvety, smooth, elegant, welcoming. Imagine you enter a room, outside in the balcony with velvet deep red curtains, there are lush bushes of osmanthus, in the room there is a glass dining table with golden leg. On it there is a huge bouquet of Jasmine, a plate with some apricots on it, and an aromatic cardamom infused cake, and there is some smoke in the air.

Fragrance notes:
Top Notes: Apricot, Jasmine tea, Osmanthus, Nutmeg, Cardamom
Heart Notes: Jasmine sambac, Mimosa, Honey, Cedarwood
Base Notes: Pipe tobacco, Saffron, Vanilla, Cypriol, Musk

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