Mashoca Woman

Inspired by Amouage's Imitation Woman (Retail Price: $360)
Family Chypre
Subfamily Chypre Floral
Gender Women

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Mashoca feels like a girl that lives somewhere uptown. She always has perfectly manicured red almond nails and a healthy supply of hairspray. And when she leaves the comfort of her suburban enclosure, she lights up a cigarette, gets off at Times Square, and follows the flow. It might not be Studio 54 every Saturday, but she always finds the right place. Mashoca smells bright, ‘happy.’ There’s a certain innocence underneath, a sensation that youth is eternal and the world is one big bite, that Saturday nights last forever, and the sun will always shine brighter on this side of Brooklyn bridge. Slightly ambiguous, Mashoca manages to blend the beauty with grittiness.

Top Notes Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Orange Blossom, Jasmine.
Middle Notes Blackcurrant Bud, Aldehydes, Licorice.
Base Notes Incense, Sandalwood, Patchouli.

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Mashoca Woman

Mashoca Woman