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Amouage Interlude Man

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Gender: Men

Lullincense Man
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Lullincense Man: A Dance of Fire and Mystery

Picture yourself walking through a mystical ancient forest, shrouded in a veil of mist and mystery. The air is rich with the intoxicating scent of Lullincense Man, a powerful and enigmatic fragrance that transports you to another time and place.

As you venture deeper into the forest, the vibrant notes of bergamot, oregano, and allspice dance in the air, creating an invigorating and effervescent aura that awakens your senses. The spicy undertones echo the untamed spirit of the wilderness, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey.

In the heart of the forest, you are enveloped by a warm and sensual embrace of amber, opoponax, incense, and cistus. The burning resins and smoky incense paint a vivid picture of sacred rituals and ancient ceremonies, their mesmerizing scent lingering in the air like whispers of the past. The subtle sweetness of amber adds depth and complexity, while the astringent oregano cuts through the richness, keeping the fragrance balanced and captivating.

As the shadows grow longer and the forest slowly reveals its secrets, the seductive base notes of leather, oud, patchouli, and sandalwood emerge. They wrap you in a dark and luxurious cloak, their rich and textured aromas creating an aura of raw strength and undeniable allure. The scent of Lullincense Man seems to dance like fire, swirling and flickering in the smoky twilight of the ancient forest.

Lullincense Man is an enigmatic and potent fragrance that demands attention and respect. With each spray, you unleash its untamed power, immersing yourself in a world of mystery, sensuality, and primal strength.

Top Notes Bergamot, Oregano, Allspice.
Middle Notes Amber, Opoponax, Incense, Cistus.
Base Notes Leather, Oud, Patchouli, Sandalwood.
Amouage Interlude Man clone

Indulge in the captivating allure of a fragrance that opens with a bold burst of bergamot and unfolds into a captivating blend of oregano and allspice. This masterful combination creates a unique oriental scent, with hints of amber adding to its depth and complexity. As the fragrance evolves, a rich and irresistible aroma emerges, thanks to a generous dose of opoponax, before settling into a tantalizing leather vibe that will leave you wanting more. Prepare to be tantalized by the mouth-watering Allspice scent that will keep you coming back for more. Don't miss out on this aromatic masterpiece.

Oriental Fragrances dupe

Amouage Interlude Man Dupe

For those who want to experience the captivating fragrance notes of Interlude Man but at a more affordable price, Fragrenza’s Lullincense Man is an excellent option. Our Amouage Interlude Man perfume that is similar offers a unique and evocative blend. It has excellent longevity, lasting for over eight hours after application.
  • The price of Interlude Man Eau de Parfum is $360.
  • Lullincense Man is an affordable alternative.
  • Discover what Amouage Interlude Man smells like at a lower price point with Fragrenza’s Lullincense Man, which offers a similar level of elegance and quality.
Oriental Woody Fragrances clone
Bergamot clone
Bergamot Fragrances
Citrus smells
- Citrus bergamia other names: bergamot orange
Interlude Man dupe
Amber clone
Amber Fragrances
Musk, amber, animalic smells
- Ambra grisea
Amouage Interlude Man clone
Leather Fragrances clone
Leather Fragrances
Top Notes:
Amouage Interlude Man dossier
Oregano Fragrances
Greens, herbs and fougeres
- Origanum other names: wild marjoram
- Perfumes that contain fragrance note – oregano
Amouage Interlude Man copy
Allspice Fragrances
- Pimenta dioica
- Perfumes that contain fragrance note – allspice

Middle Notes:
Amouage Interlude Man sample
Opoponax Fragrances
Resins and balsams
- Commiphora erythraea other names: opopanax, sweet myrrh
- an intensely sweet balsamic warm spicy fragrance.
Amouage Interlude Man replica
Incense Fragrances
Resins and balsams
- olibanum or frankincense is usually meant by incense in a fragrance pyramid. it could also refer to a smoky note.

Base Notes:
Amouage Interlude Man similar perfumes
Patchouli Fragrances
Woods and mosses
- Pogostemon cablin
- an exotic bush that grows mainly in india, the leaves of which produce the essential oil of patchouli. sweet, dark, with an earthy, woody edge, it is very popular in many blends, especially the contemporary woody floral musks. there are also synthetics and fractal extractions.
Amouage Interlude Man dupes
Sandalwood Fragrances
Woods and mosses
- Santalum album
- a classic oriental woody note, milky, soft, sturdy, rich, with a green top note and a satisfying lingering scent. the best quality used to be the mysore sandalwood variety from india, nowadays greatly reduced to the point of extinction from perfumery due to shortage of the natural material (the species is protected from harvesting because it's an endangered species). australian sandalwood and new caledonian sandalwood are different species with a harsher odor profile.

Amouage Interlude Man replica

Our Amouage Interlude Man fragrance is an affordable clone that perfectly captures the essence of bergamot, amber, and leather to provide a distinctive and seductive scent. Lullincense Man belongs to the oriental fragrance family and is suitable for men. You'll be covered with this amazing Amouage Interlude Man replica, which has primary notes of Bergamot, Oregano, Allspice and a duration of 10+ hours. It belongs to the oriental woody subfamily of fragrances. A mouthwatering invitation of bergamot greets you as you first sniff the delectable fragrance of Lullincense Man, a dupe of Interlude Man by Amouage. A stimulating and exhilarating scent is created by the freshness of bergamot and the sweet aroma of oregano, followed by a lavish amber with a touch of leather.

How does our oriental fragrance intertwine the vibrant notes of bergamot and amber?

This replica oriental fragrance delights in the delicacies of bergamot and arouses your senses with amber refined aroma. Stand out from the crowd and command respect with this leather yet familiar scent.

It’s always a superior experience when our Amouage Interlude Man replica fragrance is involved.
Picture yourself walking through a mystical ancient forest, shrouded in a veil of mist and mystery- the result is a scent that redefines what Amouage perfumes and colognes stand for. The blend of leather and soft, silky oud sweeps you off your feet, and the subtle effect of deep, rich patchouli adds a charming touch before settling in a fresh, earthy bed of sandalwood. The complement factor from our oriental men's Interlude Man replica is outstanding.

Looking for a scent that's rich, opulent, and utterly mesmerizing, with an exotic blend of spices, amber, and musk? Lullincense Man is the one for you. No matter your taste or style, Lullincense Man has a scent that's just right for you. So, why wait? Splurge on this extravagant perfume today and experience the captivating allure of scent.

  • Paraben free perfume
    Paraben free

    No chemical preservatives

  • Eco Friendly Perfume
    Eco friendly

    Not harmful to the environment

  • Hypoallergenic free perfume
    Hypoallergenic free

    Colorant & UV filter free

  • Cruelty free perfume
    Cruelty free

    Not tested on animals

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Try Lullincense Man with Pinnacle of Power Woman.
 Interlude Man dupe perfume

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