Bergamot Fragrances

Perfumes with Bergamot: Citrusy, Bitter, Tart, Elegant, and Spicy Scents

Discover the vibrant world of perfumes featuring the fragrance note of bergamot, a citrusy, bitter, and tart scent that is both elegant and light. With a moderate spicy tone, bergamot is complex, boasting nuances of fruit and fragrant components. Evocative of eau de Cologne and a key flavor in Earl Grey tea, bergamot adds a refreshing and invigorating touch to any fragrance composition.

Ideal for those who appreciate the uplifting and energizing nature of citrus fragrances, bergamot-infused perfumes evoke a sense of sophistication and charm. Immerse yourself in the delightful essence of bergamot and let its distinctive aroma brighten your fragrance collection.

Explore our selection of perfumes containing the bergamot note and find the perfect scent to reflect your unique style and personality. Experience the zesty and captivating world of bergamot-infused fragrances and let them transport you to the sun-drenched and fragrant landscapes where this remarkable citrus fruit thrives.

Bergamot Fragrances
Tom Ford Lost Cherry Dupe
Amarena Cherry

Obsessed with cherry? If you want to really amp up the cherry scent, this Tom Ford Lost Cherry dupe will give Lost Cherry a run for its money. Black cherry, cherry syrup, and cherry liqueur all mingle together for an indulgent cherry overdose that’s complemented by notes of almond, tonka bean, Turkish rose, and jasmine sambac.

Citrus Smells

Citrus bergamia Other names: Bergamot Orange

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What is Citrus Bergamot?

Bergamot (Citrus aurantium var. Bergamia) is a tiny, approximately pear-shaped citrus fruit that grows on bergamot trees. It is a cross between lemon pear and Seville orange or grapefruit. Bergamot production is mostly restricted to Ioanion, a seaside location in the province of Reggio Calabria in southern Italy, where the soil and weather conditions are ideal for growth. It is also grown in the Ivory Coast, Argentina, and Brazil, but nowhere else in the world does it produce the same amount and quality of gasoline.

History of Citrus Bergamot

Bergamot was named after the Italian city of Bergamo, where its oil was originally marketed, and it has since become a symbol of the entire area and city. The fruit is inedible and is grown for the extraction of essential oil. Bergamot essential oil is derived from ripe fruit rinds and is extensively used in perfumery due to its pleasant freshness. For flavoring purposes, bergamot oil is also used in candy manufacturing, such as Earl Gray tea and the so-called althea drops. Most people are familiar with it from Earl Gray tea. However, it is also trendy among perfumers, who utilize it for various scents, regardless of their olfactory style: fresh, oriental, or chypre.

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