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Dior Pure Poison

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Gender: Women

Pure Amour

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Pure Amour - A Tender Embrace of Floral Bliss

Picture yourself walking through a serene and enchanting garden, bathed in the gentle light of a golden sunrise. The air is crisp and fresh, filled with the sweet aroma of blooming flowers and the promise of a beautiful day. This is the magical world of Pure Amour.

As you stroll along the garden paths, the alluring scent of jasmine dances on the breeze, mingling with the delicate notes of orange, bergamot, and Sicilian mandarin. This captivating blend of fragrances awakens your senses and invites you to explore further into the heart of the garden.

As you venture deeper, you are surrounded by the pure beauty of gardenia blossoms and the tender fragrance of orange blossoms. These enchanting florals wrap themselves around you like a loving embrace, creating a feeling of warmth, elegance, and pure enchantment.

As the sun continues to rise, casting a soft and golden glow upon the landscape, the gentle notes of sandalwood, white amber, cedar, and white musk emerge. These subtle, sweet, and woody scents provide a comforting foundation, perfectly complementing the tender embrace of the floral heart.

In this magical garden, Pure Amour weaves a tapestry of beauty, elegance, purity, and lightness that envelops you in a tender embrace. It's a personal and intimate fragrance that draws you closer and leaves an unforgettable impression on your heart and soul.

Top Notes Jasmine, Orange, Bergamot, Sicilian Mandarin.
Middle Notes Gardenia, Orange Blossom.
Base Notes Sandalwood, White Amber, Cedar, White Musk.
Dior Pure Poison clone

Indulge in the captivating allure of a fragrance that opens with a bold burst of jasmine and unfolds into a captivating blend of orange and bergamot. This masterful combination creates a unique floral scent, with hints of gardenia adding to its depth and complexity. As the fragrance evolves, a rich and irresistible aroma emerges, thanks to a generous dose of orange blossom, before settling into a tantalizing sandalwood vibe that will leave you wanting more. Prepare to be tantalized by the mouth-watering Best Sellers that will keep you coming back for more. Don't miss out on this aromatic masterpiece.

Floral Fragrances dupe

Dior Pure Poison Dupe

For those who want to experience the captivating fragrance notes of Pure Poison but at a more affordable price, Fragrenza’s Pure Amour is an excellent option. Our Dior Pure Poison perfume that is similar offers a unique and evocative blend. It has excellent longevity, lasting for over eight hours after application.
  • The price of Pure Poison Eau de Parfum is $142.
  • Pure Amour is an affordable alternative.
  • Discover what Dior Pure Poison smells like at a lower price point with Fragrenza’s Pure Amour, which offers a similar level of elegance and quality.
Oriental Floral Fragrances clone
Jasmine clone
Jasmine Fragrances
White flowers
- Jasminum grandiflorum oleaceae
Pure Poison dupe
Gardenia clone
Gardenia Fragrances
White flowers
- Gardenia other names: gardinia, cape jasmine
Dior Pure Poison clone
Sandalwood clone
Sandalwood Fragrances
Woods and mosses
- Santalum album
Top Notes:
Dior Pure Poison dossier
Orange Fragrances
Citrus smells
- Citrus sinensis other names: sweet orange
- a sweet citrus note, somewhat between mandarin and pomelo, a small facet of astringency.
Dior Pure Poison copy
Bergamot Fragrances
Citrus smells
- Citrus bergamia other names: bergamot orange
- Perfumes with the scent note – bergamot. citrusy, bitter, and tart, elegant, light note with a moderate spicy tone, complex with nuances of fruit and fragrant components, evocative of eau de cologne, it flavors earl grey tea.

Middle Notes:
Dior Pure Poison sample
Orange Blossom Fragrances
White flowers
- Citrus aurantium
- a fresh and sweet white floral note with an animalic undertone.

Base Notes:
Dior Pure Poison similar perfumes
Cedar Fragrances
Woods and mosses
- Cedrus, family pinaceae
- an soft woody note coming from either the atlas mountains morocco or the virginia us cedarwood. there are also many cedar-smelling synthetics in use.
Dior Pure Poison dupes
White Musk Fragrances
- synthetic musks were used since the beginning of the 20th century in commercial perfumery, in one form or another, but it was the hydrophobic properties of a particular classification of synthesized musks that gave rise to their use in the laundry detergent industry, making the mental leap between cleanliness and that particular radiant sweetish smell of what we call "white musk".

Dior Pure Poison replica

Our Dior Pure Poison fragrance is an affordable clone that perfectly captures the essence of jasmine, gardenia, and sandalwood to provide a distinctive and seductive scent. Pure Amour belongs to the floral fragrance family and is suitable for women. You'll be covered with this amazing Dior Pure Poison replica, which has primary notes of Jasmine, Orange, Bergamot, Sicilian Mandarin and a duration of 10+ hours. It belongs to the oriental floral subfamily of fragrances. A mouthwatering invitation of jasmine greets you as you first sniff the delectable fragrance of Pure Amour, a dupe of Pure Poison by Dior. A stimulating and exhilarating scent is created by the freshness of jasmine and the sweet aroma of orange, followed by a lavish gardenia with a touch of sandalwood.

How does our floral fragrance intertwine the vibrant notes of jasmine and gardenia?

This replica floral fragrance delights in the delicacies of jasmine and arouses your senses with gardenia refined aroma. Stand out from the crowd and command respect with this sandalwood yet familiar scent.

It’s always a superior experience when our Dior Pure Poison replica fragrance is involved.
Picture yourself walking through a serene and enchanting garden, bathed in the gentle light of a golden sunrise- the result is a scent that redefines what Dior perfumes and colognes stand for. The blend of sandalwood and soft, silky white amber sweeps you off your feet, and the subtle effect of deep, rich cedar adds a charming touch before settling in a fresh, earthy bed of white musk. The complement factor from our floral women's Pure Poison replica is outstanding.

Desiring a fragrance that's romantic and utterly captivating, with delicate floral notes and subtle hints of fruit? Pure Amour is sure to leave a lasting impression. With a scent that perfectly embodies your personal preferences and style, Pure Amour is simply irresistible. Don't miss out! Pamper yourself with this sumptuous perfume today and discover the captivating magic of aroma for yourself.

  • Paraben free perfume
    Paraben free

    No chemical preservatives

  • Eco Friendly Perfume
    Eco friendly

    Not harmful to the environment

  • Hypoallergenic free perfume
    Hypoallergenic free

    Colorant & UV filter free

  • Cruelty free perfume
    Cruelty free

    Not tested on animals

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How to Apply: Spray each perfume on your skin one after the other.

Try Pure Amour with Pretty Girl.
 Pure Poison dupe perfume

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