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Inspired by

Tom Ford Italian Cypress

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Gender: Unisex

Mediterranean Cypress

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Mediterranean Cypress - A Journey Through Enchanted Woods

Imagine yourself on a sun-kissed journey along the Mediterranean coastline, where the salty sea breeze mingles with the captivating scent of cypress forests. This is the alluring world of Mediterranean Cypress.

As you begin your journey, the crisp and refreshing notes of bergamot, galbanum, and mandarin orange awaken your senses, transporting you to a vibrant and sunlit grove. The invigorating aroma of peppermint adds a touch of coolness to the warm, sun-soaked air.

Venturing deeper into the forest, the verdant scent of basil and carnation envelopes you, evoking the feeling of walking through an enchanted garden. Majestic cypress trees surround you, their earthy and woody essence creating a harmonious backdrop for the delicate patchouli notes that waft gently in the breeze.

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm and golden glow across the landscape, the rich and resinous scent of labdanum begins to emerge. It weaves seamlessly with the earthy moss, creating a comforting and tranquil base that lingers long after you've left the forest.

Mediterranean Cypress is a unisex, long-lasting perfume that invites you on a captivating journey through enchanted woods, where the beauty of nature and the allure of the Mediterranean come together in perfect harmony.

Top Notes Bergamot, Galbanum, Mandarin Orange, Peppermint.
Middle Notes Basil, Carnation, Patchouli, Cypress.
Base Notes Labdanum, Moss.
Clone of Tom Ford Italian Cypress

Indulge in the captivating allure of a fragrance inspired by Tom Ford Italian Cypress. Our affordable alternative, Mediterranean Cypress, offers a unique and evocative blend that will leave you wanting more. Opening with a bold burst of bergamot and unfolding into an enchanting blend of galbanum and mandarin orange, this masterful combination creates a unique woody scent that is both deep and complex. Hints of basil add to its depth and complexity. As the fragrance evolves, a rich and irresistible aroma emerges, thanks to a generous dose of carnation, before settling into a tantalizing labdanum vibe. Prepare to be tantalized by the mouth-watering bergamot scent, which will keep you coming back for more.

Woody Fragrances dupe

Tom Ford Italian Cypress Dupe

Discover the allure of Mediterranean Cypress, a high-quality and elegant dupe of Tom Ford Italian Cypress, offered at a more affordable price than the original's $116. With exceptional longevity, lasting over eight hours after application, Mediterranean Cypress is the ideal choice for those who wish to experience the mesmerizing fragrance notes without breaking the bank. Embrace affordable luxury and indulge in this captivating scent today.
Woody Aromatic Fragrances clone
Bergamot clone
Bergamot Fragrances
Citrus smells
- Citrus bergamia other names: bergamot orange
Basil clone
Basil Fragrances
Greens, herbs and fougeres
- Ocimum basilicum
Labdanum clone
Labdanum Fragrances
Resins and balsams
- Cistus ladanifer, cistus creticus other names: ladanum, ladan, ambreine, european rock rose
Top Notes:
Tom Ford Italian Cypress dossier
Galbanum Fragrances
Greens, herbs and fougeres
- Ferula gummosa, syn. galbaniflua
- The galbanum fragrances collection features perfumes that contain the intense and persistent bitter green fragrance of galbanum. this fragrance note is derived from the resin of the galbanum plant, which gives it a unique and distinctive aroma that is both bitter and green. galbanum is a highly valued ingredient in perfumery for its bold and long-lasting qualities, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy fragrances with a strong and unique character. these fragrances are perfect for those who appreciate bold and daring scents that evoke a sense of individuality and confidence. whether you're looking for a unique and edgy scent for a special occasion or a more everyday fragrance that sets you apart from the crowd, the galbanum fragrances collection offers a range of options to suit your needs. experience the intense and distinctive qualities of galbanum with these delightful fragrances.
Tom Ford Italian Cypress copy
Mandarin Orange Fragrances
Citrus smells
- Citrus reticulata other names: mandarin, mandarine
- The mandarin orange fragrances collection features perfumes that contain the sweet, juicy, and honeyed scent of mandarin oranges. this fragrance note, also known as hesperidic, adds a bright and refreshing quality to any scent. these perfumes are perfect for those who enjoy fruity and uplifting fragrances. whether you're looking for a light and airy scent for the daytime or a more complex and sophisticated scent for the evening, the mandarin orange fragrances collection offers a variety of options to suit your needs. experience the joy and energy of mandarin oranges with these delightful fragrances.

Middle Notes:
Tom Ford Italian Cypress sample
Carnation Fragrances
- The carnation fragrances feature perfumes that contain the spicy and vivid scent of carnation. this fragrance note has a unique profile that combines a spicy and floral aroma with clove-like undertones, creating a bright and lively scent. carnation is a popular ingredient in perfumery for its unique and versatile qualities, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy fragrances with a spicy and floral character. these fragrances are perfect for those who appreciate the bright and lively qualities of perfumery. whether you're looking for a scent that is perfect for a special occasion or a more subtle and sophisticated fragrance that is perfect for everyday wear, the carnation fragrances offer a range of options to suit your needs. experience the spicy and floral qualities of carnation with these delightful fragrances.
Tom Ford Italian Cypress replica
Patchouli Fragrances
Woods and mosses
- Pogostemon cablin
- a sweet, earthy, and exotic note dive into the mesmerizing world of perfumes featuring the fragrance note of patchouli, derived from the leaves of an exotic bush that primarily grows in india. boasting a sweet, dark, and earthy aroma with a woody edge, patchouli has become a popular note in a variety of fragrance blends, particularly in contemporary woody floral musks. in addition to natural patchouli essential oil, there are also synthetic versions and fractional extractions used to capture this distinctive scent. ideal for those who appreciate the depth and complexity of earthy fragrances, patchouli-infused perfumes evoke a sense of mystery, sophistication, and allure. enrich your fragrance collection with the captivating charm of patchouli, and let its exotic essence transport you to the lush landscapes of india.
Tom Ford Italian Cypress duplicate
Cypress Fragrances
Woods and mosses
- Cupressus (cupressaceae)
- Perfumes that contain the fragrance note of cypress offer a dry, woody, and earthy scent that is both refreshing and long-lasting. cypress, a coniferous tree native to the mediterranean region, has been used for centuries in perfumery due to its unique fragrance profile. the scent is characterized by a resinous, green, and slightly spicy aroma, often with notes of juniper and pine. it is a popular note in woody and aromatic fragrances, as well as in men's colognes. perfumes featuring cypress notes evoke a sense of the outdoors, providing a grounding and calming effect to the wearer.

Base Notes:

Our fragrance captures the essence of bergamot, basil, and labdanum to provide a distinctive and seductive scent. Designed for both men and women, Mediterranean Cypress belongs to the woody woody aromatic subfamily of fragrances. With primary notes of Bergamot, Galbanum, Mandarin Orange, Peppermint, the scent lasts for 8+ hours, ensuring you'll be covered throughout the day. The blend of labdanum and soft, silky moss will sweep you off your feet, while the subtle effect of deep, rich adds a charming touch before settling in a fresh, earthy bed of moss. The complement factor from our woody for both men and women Mediterranean Cypress replica is outstanding.

How does our woody fragrance intertwine the vibrant notes of bergamot and basil?

This woody fragrance delights in the vibrant notes of bergamot and arouses your senses with its refined basil aroma. Stand out from the crowd and command respect with this labdanum scent.

Imagine yourself on a sun-kissed journey along the Mediterranean coastline, where the salty sea breeze mingles with the captivating scent of cypress forests.

Seeking a fragrance that's rugged, outdoorsy, and endlessly alluring, with notes of cedar, sandalwood, and other rich woods? Mediterranean Cypress will make you feel grounded and in touch with nature. Mediterranean Cypress has a scent that's perfectly tailored to your unique style and preferences. Don't delay! Treat yourself to this lavish aroma today and uncover the captivating power of scent for yourself.

  • Paraben free perfume
    Paraben free

    No chemical preservatives

  • Eco Friendly Perfume
    Eco friendly

    Not harmful to the environment

  • Hypoallergenic free perfume
    Hypoallergenic free

    Colorant & UV filter free

  • Cruelty free perfume
    Cruelty free

    Not tested on animals

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Try Mediterranean Cypress with Ferrara Gardens.
 Italian Cypress dupe perfume

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