Collection: Oakmoss Fragrances

The perfume note of Moss, often known as Oakmoss in perfumery, is an enchanting blend of earthy depth and woody undertones. It exudes a rich, damp aroma reminiscent of a shaded forest floor, strewn with fallen leaves and blanketed by a lush carpet of verdant moss. The note carries a distinct greenness, embodying the cool freshness of dew-kissed foliage. Beneath this lies a subtly leathery and musky quality, evoking the raw beauty of untouched nature. Oakmoss also reveals a faintly sweet, almost resinous undertone, adding a layer of complex depth to its overall profile. The Moss note imbues fragrances with a grounding, robust character, enhancing their longevity while imparting a soothingly familiar, tranquil ambiance.