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Better Peach

Inspired by Tom Ford Bitter Peach

for women and men
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Wild Peach

Wild Peach





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Tonka Bean

Tonka Bean







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Better Peach is a luxurious, velvety, and vibrantly peach-centric unisex perfume, whisking you away to a realm of sun-dappled orchards and decadent pleasures. This captivating fusion of fruity, floral, and woody elements orchestrates a balanced and intricate composition that gracefully develops on the skin, making it an ideal choice for both men and women.

The debut of Better Peach, a premium unisex perfume, is effervescent and luminous, spotlighting notes of wild peach, Sicilian blood orange, and cardamom. Concurrently, the crisp green sharpness of heliotrope, davana, rum absolute, cognac, and jasmine sambac absolute introduces depth and personality to the blend. The overall impression is creamy, radiant, and uplifting.

As the peach and blood orange nuances mellow, the scent's heart unfolds, revealing a richly profound cashmere accord. The opulent combination of sandalwood, jasmine, cognac, and rum cultivates a lavish ambiance, while the dew-kissed davana imparts a hint of freshness to the ensemble.

The final act of Better Peach, a top-rated unisex perfume, is a skillful interweaving of labdanum, creamy sandalwood, and delicately sweet patchouli, all underscored by the gentle persistence of vanilla. This exquisite base of woody-styrax-tonka hints infuses warmth and depth into the fragrance, leaving a tantalizing sweetness that's both sophisticated and inviting.

With its versatility and enchantment, Better Peach is suited for both day and evening occasions. Its unique harmony of peachy, floral, and woody notes results in a captivating and memorable aroma that ensures a lasting impression on those you meet. Surrender to the indulgent allure of Better Peach, a long-lasting unisex perfume, and allow its vivid spirit to carry you to a world of sunlight-soaked orchards and opulent pleasures.

Emulating Bitter Peach: Superior Craftsmanship in a Luxurious Unisex Fragrance.

Top Notes Wild Peach, Orange, Cardamom.
Middle Notes Heliotrope, Davana, Rum, Cognac, Jasmine.
Base Notes Sandalwood, Benzoin, Cashmeran, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Labdanum, Styrax, Patchouli.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach vs. Better Peach: Which One is Right for You?

Immerse yourself in the refined splendor of a fragrance for both women and men inspired by Tom Ford Bitter Peach. Our eloquent rendition, Better Peach, is an embodiment of opulence, presenting an intoxicating tapestry that's irresistibly compelling. It begins with the audacious allure of wild peach, seamlessly weaving through the mesmerizing essences of orangeand cardamom. This alchemy unfolds into a floral fragrance for both women and men characterized by depth and sophistication. Nuances of heliotrope enhance its intricacy. As the narrative of this fragrance develops, the warmth of davana emerges, gracefully descending into the velvety embrace of sandalwood. Relish in the captivating embrace of wild peach, an olfactory experience you'll yearn to relive.

Bitter Peach by Tom Ford Floral Fragrances dupe

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A High-QualityAlternativeto Tom Ford Bitter Peach

Unveil the sophistication of Better Peach, an impeccable interpretation of Tom Ford's Bitter Peach. Artfully crafted with precision, it promises an esteemed experience at a more discerning price point than the original's $375. Showcasing longevity that gracefully lingers for over eight hours, it is the epitome of opulence for those desiring the enchantment of Tom Ford's Bitter Peach without the luxury expense. Elevate your senses; immerse yourself in the luxury of this masterfully-rendered fragrance alternative.

replica similar to Bitter Peach by Tom Ford Floral Green Fragrances clone

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Top Notes:
Tom Ford Bitter Peach
Wild Peach Fragrances
Woods and mosses
- The peach tree note captures the essence of both the fruit and the blossoms, infusing fragrances with a sweet, juicy aroma and a hint of floral undertones.

Find affordable alternatives to Bitter Peach wild peach fragrances in our collection.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach copy
Orange Fragrances
Citrus smells
- Citrus sinensis other names: sweet orange
- This fragrance note has a unique profile that combines a sweet and juicy aroma with a slight facet of astringency, creating a fresh and invigorating scent.

Find affordable alternatives to Bitter Peach orange fragrances in our collection.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach affordable
Cardamom Fragrances
- Elletaria cardamomum other names: cardamon, green cardamom, true cardamom
- Derived from the seeds of the cardamom plant, this unique note adds depth, warmth, and intrigue to any fragrance composition.

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Middle Notes:
Tom Ford Bitter Peach sample
Heliotrope Fragrances
- Heliotropium arborescens (boraginaceae)
- This enchanting note is often recreated using heliotropin, which gives the aroma its distinctive hazy, ethereal contours.

Discover alternative unique fragrances similar to Bitter Peach in heliotrope fragrances collection.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach replica
Davana Fragrances
Greens, herbs and fougeres
- Its intriguing scent profile can be found in a variety of niche and designer perfumes, adding depth and character to the overall fragrance.

Discover alternative unique fragrances similar to Bitter Peach in davana fragrances collection.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach duplicate
Rum Fragrances
- Rum's distinctive aroma is derived from the distillation of sugarcane byproducts, evoking a sense of warmth, indulgence, and sophistication in fragrances.

Discover alternative unique fragrances similar to Bitter Peach in rum fragrances collection.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach replacement
Cognac Fragrances
- Cognac adds a touch of warmth and depth to perfumes, making it a desirable choice for those who appreciate the complexity and elegance of fine spirits.

Discover alternative unique fragrances similar to Bitter Peach in cognac fragrances collection.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach fair pricing
Jasmine Fragrances
White flowers
- Jasminum grandiflorum oleaceae
- Jasmine can vary in character, presenting either an indolic and sensual aroma or a greener and fresher profile when synthesized in the lab.

Discover alternative unique fragrances similar to Bitter Peach in jasmine fragrances collection.

Base Notes:
Tom Ford Bitter Peach similar perfumes
Sandalwood Fragrances
Woods and mosses
- Santalum album
- The best quality sandalwood used to be the Mysore variety from India, which is now greatly reduced and nearly extinct in perfumery due to the shortage of natural material and the protection of the endangered species.

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Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupes
Benzoin Fragrances
Resins and balsams
- Styrax benzoin, styrax tonkiniensis (styracaceae)
- This resinous ingredient, derived from the Styrax tree, enhances perfumes with its captivating, soothing, and slightly sweet scent profile.

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Tom Ford Bitter Peach clones
Cashmeran Fragrances
Natural and synthetic, popular and weird
- It unfurls with a distinctively musky and woodsy scent, reminiscent of a forest walk on a crisp autumn day.

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Tom Ford Bitter Peach impression
Vanilla Fragrances
- Derived from the beans of the Vanilla Orchid, it radiates a rich, creamy scent reminiscent of a gourmet dessert, filled with the intoxicating allure of vanilla custard or fresh-baked sugar cookies.

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Tom Ford Bitter Peach imitation
Tonka Bean Fragrances
- Dipterix odorata
- Rich in coumarin, tonka beans offer a versatile and captivating scent profile that ranges from green grassy to sweet tobacco almond, depending on the concentration used.

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Tom Ford Bitter Peach similar perfumes
Labdanum Fragrances
Resins and balsams
- Cistus ladanifer, cistus creticus other names: ladanum, ladan, ambreine, european rock rose
- Extracted from the resin of the rockrose shrub, its aroma is a compelling tapestry of leathery, ambery, and slightly sweet nuances.

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Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupes
Styrax Fragrances
Resins and balsams
- Styrax officinalis
- Derived from the resin of the styrax tree, this captivating scent adds depth, warmth, and complexity to any perfume, evoking a sense of sophistication and allure.

Find captivating fragrances that rival Tom Ford's Bitter Peach in the styrax fragrances collection.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach clones
Patchouli Fragrances
Woods and mosses
- Pogostemon cablin
- It unfurls with a deep, woody aroma, reminiscent of a walk through a damp forest where the ground is covered in decaying leaves, offering an aroma that's both grounding and mysterious.

Find captivating fragrances that rival Tom Ford's Bitter Peach in the patchouli fragrances collection.

Pros and Cons of Bitter Peach Dupe

  • Our perfume captures the essence of wild peach, heliotrope, and sandalwood.
  • Provides a distinctive and seductive fragrance. Designed for both men and women.
  • Belongs to the floral floral green subfamily of perfumes. With primary notes of Wild Peach, Orange, Cardamom.
  • Better longevity than Bitter Peach, ensuring you'll be covered throughout the day.
  • The complement factor from our floral for both men and women Better Peach Tom Ford's Bitter Peach replica is outstanding.
The blend of sandalwood and soft, silky benzoin will sweep you off your feet, while the subtle effect of deep, rich cashmeran adds a charming touch before settling in a fresh, earthy bed of patchouli.

Why Tom Ford Bitter Peach is So Expensive

Tom Ford's Bitter Peach carries a steep price tag, not solely based on its ingredients or manufacturing process, but primarily due to the Tom Ford's prestigious status and position in the high-end market. However, the realm of alternative perfumes is vast and varied, presenting more accessible options. In this context, Better Peach shines as a superior choice for those who value both quality and affordability. This alternative perfume, comparable to Bitter Peach, delivers the opulence of a luxury fragrance while maintaining a more reasonable price point. It caters to perfume enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of affordability and luxury offered by Bitter Peach.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach Dupe, Clone, Alternative & Replacement

How does our floral fragrance for women and men intertwine the vibrant notes of wild peach and heliotrope?

This floral fragrance delights in the vibrant notes of wild peach and arouses your senses with its refined heliotrope aroma. Stand out from the crowd and command respect with this sandalwood scent.

Better Peach is a luxurious, velvety, and vibrantly peach-centric unisex perfume, whisking you away to a realm of sun-dappled orchards and decadent pleasures.

Desiring a fragrance that's romantic and utterly charming, with delicate floral notes and subtle hints of fruit? Better Peach is sure to leave a lasting impression. Better Peach's perfume perfectly embodies your personal preferences and style, making it simply irresistible. Don't miss out! Indulge in the alluring magic of aroma and pamper yourself with this sumptuous perfume today.

Frequently Asked Questions
What makes Better Peach a high-quality alternative to Tom Ford's Bitter Peach?
Better Peach offers a masterful blend ofWild Peach,Orange,andCardamom, and more that closely mirrors the enchanting allure of Tom Ford's Bitter Peach. Its longevity is exceptional, lasting over eight hours after application, and it comes at a more affordable price.
What are the top notes of Bitter Peach?
The top notes of Bitter Peach includeWild Peach,Orange,andCardamom. They combine to give the fragrance an uplifting and refreshing start.
What can I expect from the middle notes and base notes of Bitter Peach?
The middle notes includeHeliotrope,Davana,Rum,Cognac,andJasmine, while the base notes consist ofSandalwood,Benzoin,Cashmeran,Vanilla,Tonka Bean,Labdanum,Styrax,andPatchouli. They blend together to create a rich, deep, and complex aroma.
How long does the fragrance last?
Better Peach has exceptional longevity, lasting over eight hours after application.
Where can I buy Better Peach and other similar fragrances?
You can buy Better Peach and other similar fragrances from our Bitter Peach page.
What are your shipping policies?
We offer free standard shipping for all orders above $150. For orders below $150, actual shipping fee applies. Orders are typically processed within 1 business days and delivered within 5-7 business days.
What is your return policy?
We want you to be fully satisfied with every item you purchase from us. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return or exchange the product within 30 days of receiving your order. Please note that the product should be unopened, unused, in its original packaging, and in the same condition as you received it.
How should I store and use Better Peach?
To ensure the longevity of your Better Peach, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. For the best scent experience, apply it on your pulse points – wrists, neck, and behind the ears. Avoid rubbing the perfume into your skin as it can alter the fragrance.
Is there any safety information I should be aware of?
Our perfumes are designed for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor. Keep out of reach of children.
What are your sustainability practices?
As a brand, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. Our perfumes are cruelty-free, and we use recyclable materials for our packaging whenever possible. Additionally, our supply chain partners are carefully chosen for their ethical labor practices and commitment to sustainability.
Do you offer gift wrapping or personalized messages?
Yes, we provide the option for gift wrapping and personalized messages at checkout. Just choose the option and add your message before completing your purchase. It's the perfect way to add a personal touch to your gifts!
Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?
We do offer discounts for large orders. Please contact our customer service team for more information on bulk purchase discounts.
Can I purchase Better Peach in a physical store?
Our products are primarily sold online, but we also have partnered with select boutiques and department stores. You can find more information about our retail partners on our website.
Is Better Peach suitable for sensitive skin?
Better Peach is formulated with high-quality ingredients and is designed to be gentle on the skin. However, as with any fragrance, we recommend doing a patch test before using the product fully, especially if you have sensitive skin.
Can I use Better Peach on my clothing?
Yes, our fragrances can be lightly sprayed on clothing. However, it's important to do a patch test first to ensure that the fragrance does not stain or discolor the fabric. Avoid spraying on silk or other delicate fabrics.
  • Paraben free perfume

    Paraben free

    No chemical preservatives

  • Eco Friendly Perfume

    Eco friendly

    Not harmful to the environment

  • Hypoallergenic free perfume

    Hypoallergenic free

    Colorant & UV filter free

  • Cruelty free perfume

    Cruelty free

    Not tested on animals

Create Your Signature Scent.

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How to Apply: Spray each perfume on your skin one after the other.

Try Better Peach with My Fire.

Bitter Peach by Tom Ford: A Captivating Blend of Contemporary Masculinity and Timeless Tradition

Embrace the essence of contemporary masculinity complemented by classic tradition with Bitter Peach by Tom Ford. This extraordinary fragrance is an evolution of Wild Peach, Sicilian Blood Orange, and spicy notes, creating a powerful yet subtly nuanced scent. In this article, we'll explore the captivating details of Bitter Peach and why it continues to be a favorite among those seeking strength, energy, and desire in a fragrance.

A Complex and Gratifying Scent:

Bitter Peach is a cologne that beautifully blends the contemporary with the timeless. Its captivating complexity radiates strength, energy, and desire, making it a truly gratifying scent for both men and women. Since its release in 2020, this fragrance has become a symbol of masculine virility and continues to captivate the senses.

A Symphony of Fragrances:

The floral complexity of Bitter Peach stems from a delightful combination of notes. The top notes reveal the tempting aromas of Sicilian Blood Orange and Wild Peach, enticing you to indulge further. The middle notes, featuring Heliotrope, Davana, Rum Absolute, Cognac, and Jasmine Sambac Absolute, add a surprising spiciness to the fragrance. These modern sweet and spicy notes create a refreshing and skillful blend. The fragrance is beautifully rounded off with warm base notes of New Caledonian Sandalwood, Benzoin, Cashmeran, Vanilla, Tonka Bean Absolute, Labdanum Absolute, Styrax, and Indonesian Patchouli, giving it a sense of history and depth.

An Expression of Modern Masculinity:

Bitter Peach redefines modern masculinity, combining elegance and virility without complexity. This fragrance encapsulates the essence of a free spirit, enticing others to want to emulate or be with the wearer. It celebrates the harmonious fusion of contemporary charm and natural woody charisma, making it a truly remarkable addition to Tom Ford's collection.

Indulge in Bitter Peach:

To experience the reinvention of perfumery with traditional charm and woody tones, you can choose from various sizes of Tom Ford's Bitter Peach Eau de Parfum. The fragrance is available in 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml sizes, priced at $182.00, $235.00, and $335.00, respectively. If you prefer a smaller sample size, a 10 ml option is available for $69.00. To fully immerse yourself in this gorgeous fragrance, complement it with the Bitter Peach 200 ml shower gel priced at $65.00. For a luxurious facial experience, the Bitter Peach 100 ml shaving cream is available for $80.00, and the 50 ml After Shave Balm is priced at $120.00.

Discover Better Peach by Fragrenza:

If you're looking to experience the captivating scent of Bitter Peach at a more affordable price, Fragrenza offers Better Peach. Our Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupe is an explosion of virility and charming masculinity, perfectly capturing the essence of Chaillan's definition of progressive elegance. Crafted with powerfully engaging top notes of Heliotrope, Davana, and Rum Absolute, we have refined the rugged nature of Cardamom and balanced it with citrusy middle notes of Wild Peach blended with a cocktail of oranges. These notes complement the sandalwood base, accentuating its natural depth. With Better Peach, command respect and embrace the captivating allure of contemporary masculinity.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sophia Hernandez
Velvety and Vibrant

Better Peach by Fragrenza is a perfume that captures the essence of a ripe, juicy peach and infuses it with a rich, velvety texture. The opening notes are bright and effervescent, with the tartness of wild peach and Sicilian blood orange perfectly balanced by the spicy warmth of cardamom. The addition of heliotrope, davana, rum absolute, cognac, and jasmine sambac absolute adds a sharp, green bitterness that tempers the sweetness of the peach and keeps the fragrance from becoming cloying.

As the peach fades away, the middle notes of the fragrance become rich and deep, with a cashmere-like texture that envelops the senses. The sandalwood, jasmine, cognac, rum, and davana combine to create a creamy, dewy texture that is warm and comforting. The labdanum brings a lingering sweetness to the creamy sandalwood, and the patchouli adds a hint of earthiness that is beautifully balanced by the soft, persistent vanilla.

Overall, Better Peach is a stunning fragrance that manages to capture the essence of a peach without being too sweet or overwhelming. The velvety texture and creamy warmth make it a perfect scent for cooler weather, while the bright opening notes keep it fresh and uplifting. This is a fragrance that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and will appeal to anyone who loves fruity, floral scents with a touch of warmth and depth.


I definitely smell the peace, and would compare to the original scent. very sexy, I don't gravitate towards it often but when I do I get a lot of compliments. I would say this is a great summer scent.

My new Power Perfume

This smell is one of my favorites! I received a sample unexpectedly and thought it would be better suited for my tween daughter; out of curiosity, I spritzed some on and quickly fell in love, snatching it back from her. Floral, fruit, and powder fragrances do not appeal to me too "mature" and "feminine" I couldn't believe how strong this perfume drew me in, with its spice, patchouli, woodsy, and warm notes... just my style! I'll enjoy the sample for the time being. But beware: it doesn't smell like a peach, so this isn't a blind grab.


Smells expensive, even akin to angel by thierry mugler but I don’t really smell the peach.I don’t know how similar it is to the original Bitter Peach but I’m not crazy about it. In order to have not wasted $70 on nothing. I will be using this scent as a self defence weapon while walking home at night.

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