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Theobroma cacao (Sterculiaceae) | Spices
Perfumes that contain fragrance note – Cacao Pod | Scent profile: A warm spicy gourmand fragrance with amber, balsamic nuances.
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Gourmand de Chocolat
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Gourmand de Chocolat

SKU: Chocolate Greedy

SKU: Chocolate Greedy

VENDOR: Montale

The opening of Gourmand de Chocolat is a delicious, rich ganache of amazing scrumptiousness, a compelling homage to the exquisite creaminess. With a faint undertone of bitter orange, the middle stage has an appealing sense of powderiness that reminds us...


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 Discover your signature chocolate scent

To me, the aroma of chocolate is far more appealing than the taste. Don't get me wrong: I think it's great. Chocolate is one of my favorite delicacies. I enjoy cocoa beans in their natural state. Dark chocolate with sea salt or red pepper flakes is also a favorite of mine - not everyone's cup of tea, I understand, but it's the perfect combination in my view. Chocolate currently comes with a plethora of additives. Chocolate was formerly a lust-inducing drink when cocoa beans were first introduced to Spain from America. According to many priests, it was made with mixed spices or maize puree, and only the wealthy people could afford it, who thought it was a devil's potion designed to tempt people into immorality. Chocolate is the most famous delicacy nowadays, and it can be found almost anywhere. It's available in bars and candies and the shape of an egg with a surprise inside and as novelty chocolate figures. Cakes and ice cream, muffins and milkshakes, cakes and pastries – everything is made of chocolate, has chocolate in it, or is covered in chocolate. Even yet, if the chocolate is authentic, it smells so good that the taste can't compare to the pleasure I receive from the scent. As a result, I like chocolate-scented fragrances. I have no qualms with smelling like a bakery. Furthermore, chocolate-scented perfumes are highly complex, smelling more like a magic potion than a bakery store. They don't even have to be delicious to be effective. All chocolate scents, however, have one thing in common: they smell fantastic in the winter. Even the finest of them may turn into something rather terrible when it's sweltering outside. On chilly days, on the other hand, they last for a long time and emit rich fragrances that amaze us with all of their beauty, enticing and warming everyone in the vicinity. If you haven't discovered your signature chocolate scent yet, now is the time to start looking.