Coumarin Fragrances

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Perfumes that contain fragrance note - Coumarin | Scent profile: the odor profile depends on the quantity of the material: it can be herbal like hay, or sweet and warm like caramelized almonds.
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Lavender Intense
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Lavender Intense

SKU: Lavender Extreme

SKU: Lavender Extreme

VENDOR: Tom Ford

Lavender Intense pushes the traditional boundaries of fragrances. It is a smooth, round, soft, and airy fragrance that features a lot of lavender and tonka beans wonderfully blended with lemon. The scent further develops to become slightly sweet with tonka...


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Which ingredient was the first synthetic material to be used in perfumery?

It's impossible to identify which component was the first to be utilized in perfumery as a synthetic substance. The earliest synthetic materials used in experiments were narrow fractions of essential oils and isolates separated from natural sources. The bitter almond odor of benzaldehyde is sometimes regarded as one of the earliest synthesized odorous compounds. However, the chemical Coumarin is far more frequently connected with this historic event. Coumarin, strictly speaking, is not a synthetic substance.