Fenugreek Fragrances

Trigonella foenum-graecum | Spices
Perfumes that contain fragrance note – Fenugreek | Scent profile: the essence from the yellowish-golden seeds of Trigonella Foenum Graecum is used as a spice. It renders a maple-syrup note in fragrance, common also to helichrysum/immortelle blossom. The note is recognizable (via immortelle essence) in Sables by A.Goutal and (via fenugreek spice) in Santal Blush by Tom Ford.
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Incense Memoir Woman
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Incense Memoir Woman

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SKU: Memoir Woman

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You are visiting your girlfriend. It's the middle of a sunny day, but her windows are covered with black-out curtains, darkening the room. She's burning some sticky incense on her dresser near a vase of dying roses that you had...


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BOTANICAL NAME - Trigonella foenum-gracecum FAMILY - Legumes / Butterflies / Fabaceae COMMON NAME - Methi, Fenugreek, Alhova, Bird's Foot, Greek Clover, Greek Hay AYUVERDIC NAME - Methikaa, Methi, Vastikaa, Selu, Methini, Dipani, Bahupatrikaa, Bodhaini, Gandhaphala. PARTS USED - Leaves and seeds