Lysylang Fragrances

Perfumes that contain fragrance note – Lysylang | Scent profile: A fruity-floral scent with nuances of ylang-ylang, frangipani and jasmine, and a tropical coconut undertone and delicate spicy nuances of lilies. Lisylang is a synthetic fragrance molecule developed by Robertet, created through the fractionation and subsequent selection of specific fractions of Ylang III from the Indian Ocean. Its scent profile is distinct, described as very pure and clean, reminiscent of white flower bouquets with undertones of jasmine, Monoi, and Frangipani, adding a tropical floral note. It also carries spicy Lily and gourmand Coco milk aspects, contributing a touch of warmth and richness. This unique and versatile scent adds body and a rich diffusive drydown to modern white floral bouquets in various applications from personal perfumes to home fragrances and body care products.
Lysylang Fragrances

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Tom Ford Lost Cherry Dupe
Amarena Cherry

Obsessed with cherry? If you want to really amp up the cherry scent, this Tom Ford Lost Cherry dupe will give Lost Cherry a run for its money. Black cherry, cherry syrup, and cherry liqueur all mingle together for an indulgent cherry overdose that’s complemented by notes of almond, tonka bean, Turkish rose, and jasmine sambac.


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Lysylang is a synthetic molecule from Robertet.

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