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Perfumes that contain fragrance note - Macarons | Scent profile: popular fantasy note recreating the bittersweet and savory feel of a macaron dessert, built on almond aroma and heliotrope essence.
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Macaroons are light cakes or cookies that vary in consistency. The main ingredients of macaroons are sugar, almonds, egg whites, coconuts or walnuts. There are many different types of macarons, but the originals were almond meringue cookies with a crispy crust and a chewy interior. The very first macaroons were made from egg whites and marzipan and most likely came from an Italian monastery. Macaroons were introduced to France in 1533, where they are still very popular today. Over time, many different variations have developed. Almond and potato starch have been added to the recipe along with the chocolate coating, milk and nuts. Macaroons containing coconut shreds are commonly referred to as macaroons in North America.