Mastic or Lentisque Fragrances

Pistacia lentiscus | Resins And Balsams
Perfumes that contain fragrance note – Mastic or Lentisque | Scent profile: a fresh balsamic, turpentine-like scent.
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Azure Coast
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Azure Coast

SKU: Costa Azzurra

SKU: Costa Azzurra

VENDOR: Tom Ford

Inspired by the sprawling vegetation, hot sunlight, and refreshing sea air of the Sardinia coastline, this fragrance takes one on an olfactory journey evocative Mediterranean summers. The opening is sweet and refreshing, striking an accord reminiscent of odors of salt...


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The mastic tree or mastic tree (mastic tree, Yemen gum) is a Mediterranean shrub with fragrant resin obtained from its branches. The smell of mastic resin is similar to pine, cedar, frankincense.