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Felce Marina Felce Marina
Inspired by

Xerjoff Uden dupe

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Gender: Men

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Felce Marina opens with lavender and citrus, harbingers of a traditional fougere. However, instead of going the clean, smooth path it seems intended for, the coffee and rum absolutes add their familiar and delicious notes. Combined with the overture of Felce Marina, the coffee and rum create an unfamiliar - but completely tantalizing - heart to the scent. Felce Marina dries to a warm wood blend infused with pure musk, providing a counterpoint to its mild rum, rich coffee, and crunchy lavender citrus. Felce Marina reminds us that wild worlds can refuse the simplest pleasures.

Top Notes Grapefruit, Lemon, Lavender.
Middle Notes Rum, Coffee.
Base Notes Sandalwood, Gaiac, Vanilla, Musk.
Xerjoff Uden dupe opens with a powerful scent of grapefruit. This is closely followed by notes of lemon and lavender, which together create aromatic, aromatic spicy aroma. You’ll also get hints of rum, further adding to its best sellers. Combined with a hearty dose of coffee, the fragrance gradually settles into this coffee, sandalwood vibe that makes everything seem addictively yummy. It’s Aromatic Spicy scent that will make your mouth water.
Aromatic Fragrances dupe

Dupe for Xerjoff Uden

For those who want a share of the captivating experience the Uden dossier of perfume notes provides but at a more affordable price, Fragrenza’s Felce Marina is a good place to start. Our Xerjoff Uden similar perfume dossier entices you with its uniquely evocative blend. This replica has excellent longevity, lasting well over eight hours after application.
  • Uden Eau de Parfum is priced at $275.
  • Felce Marina is a more affordable alternative.
  • To find what does Xerjoff Uden smell like but at a cheaper price point and similar in elegance, look no further than Fragrenza’s Felce Marina.
Aromatic Spicy Fragrances clone
How our clone intertwines the vibrant notes of grapefruit and rum to make aromatic perfume?

This clone feasts on the delicacies of grapefruit and arouse your senses with rum refined aroma. Stand out from the crowd and command respect with this sandalwood yet acquainted scent.

It’s always a superior experience when our Xerjoff Uden dupe is involved
Felce Marina opens with lavender and citrus, harbingers of a traditional fougere - the result is a scent that flips the script on what Xerjoff fragrances stands for.
Grapefruit clone
Grapefruit Fragrances
Citrus smells
- Citrus aurantium other names: pamplemousse
Uden dupe
- a bitter aromatic citrus scent with a dirty undertone reminiscent of black currant.
Rum clone
Rum Fragrances
Xerjoff Uden clone
- a complex, sweet and aromatic chord that brings on succulence and molasses-tinged nuances to gourmands and woody fragrances.
Sandalwood clone
Sandalwood Fragrances
Woods and mosses
- Santalum album
- a classic oriental woody note, milky, soft, sturdy, rich, with a green top note and a satisfying lingering scent. the best quality used to be the mysore sandalwood variety from india, nowadays greatly reduced to the point of extinction from perfumery due to shortage of the natural material (the species is protected from harvesting because it's an endangered species). australian sandalwood and new caledonian sandalwood are different species with a harsher odor profile.
Top Notes:
Xerjoff Uden dossier
Lemon Fragrances
Citrus smells
- Citrus limon
- astringent, sour, sweet undertone, aromatic nuance, bright, cheerful & vibrant.
Xerjoff Uden copy
Lavender Fragrances
- an aromatic floral clean note, with green, fresh spicy, licorice facets.

Middle Notes:
Xerjoff Uden sample
Coffee Fragrances
- Coffea arabica (rubiaceae)
- coffee berries are produced by the evergreen bush of the genus coffea. in perfumes the coffee note is an intense, dark roast facet that is linked to the cocoa facet of patchouli in borneo 1834 (lutens). famously put in good use in a*men by mugler, l'or de torrente

Base Notes:
Xerjoff Uden similar perfumes
Vanilla Fragrances
-  the natural vanilla pod has darker facets that recall treacle and booze with off notes.
Xerjoff Uden dupes
Musk Fragrances
Musk, amber, animalic smells
- Moschus moschiferus
- there are several sources for musk-smelling materials, including synthetic musks and natural musks, derived primarily from plants since deer musk is illegal to produce and sell. the musk is a substance contained inside an internal pouch on the male deer's abdomen. in order to get it, the deer must be sacrificed.
  • Paraben free perfume
    Paraben free

    No chemical preservatives

  • Eco Friendly Perfume
    Eco friendly

    Not harmful to the environment

  • Hypoallergenic free perfume
    Hypoallergenic free

    Colorant & UV filter free

  • Cruelty free perfume
    Cruelty free

    Not tested on animals

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Try Felce Marina with Chocolat Orchid.
 Uden dupe perfume

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