Coco Chanel - Eau de Parfum

Coco Chanel - Eau de Parfum

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To create this fragrance, Olivier Polge, in collaboration with the CHANEL Perfume Creation and Development Laboratory, was inspired by Gabrielle, the woman Coco Chanel was before being a designer. Insubordinate, passionate and free, she made the choice to be who she wanted to be. A radiant woman. CHANEL's new feminine fragrance is a luminous composition. A solar flower inspired by Gabrielle Chanel.

Coco Chanel Perfume is a pure floral. A solar flower built around 4 white flowers, 4 light points reminiscent of the angles of the bottle. A smooth and enveloping heart of exotic jasmine. At its sparkling sides, the green, fruity notes of ylang-ylang. Then vibrates the orange blossom, fresh and sparkling. To give a glimpse of the tuberose of Grasse captured in its most precious habit.

Spray on the skin and on the lining of the clothes with a voluntary and generous gesture. Renew at will.
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