Where to apply your perfume?

Where to apply your perfume?

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We say in everyday language that we "wear" a perfume, in order to smell good, for yourself and for others. But come to think of it, wouldn't this also be the perfume that carries us? Let's put our noses on the issue, starting with a bit of terminology.

What is the difference between longevity and sillage?

In order to understand how to properly apply your perfume and the terms that we will use throughout this article, here are two definitions not to be confused:

  • The sillage it is the aura, the trace that you leave behind you and in the memory of those you meet.
  • The longevity: perfume can hold on clothes and skin and so far not spread, we could say that the fragrance is intimate, introverted. There is even talk of a "deaf" perfume.

The ideal when a perfume is well constructed by the perfumer-creator, is when the olfactory pyramid is harmonious and balanced. It is under these conditions that we obtain a scent that is both tenacious and diffusing.

Where to apply the perfume? 

Why is the skin the ideal place to wear its perfume?

Experience shows us that a perfume does not reveal itself and does not express all its beauty on an olfactory touch, those paper mouillettes which we use to smell it for the first time.

Natural materials are ideal because they are alive and noble. Nothing like wool, cashmere or linen to enhance your perfume.

But it is really the skin with all its singularity that reveals it best, to such an extent that "it is not the perfume that perfumes the woman or the man, but the reverse

Why is the scent of the skin unique? ( Depending on the skin )

Skin has its own scent, it is unique just like fingerprints, due to several factors.

  • First, its specific smell is the result of our way of life. Both diet and medication play an important role, as does our active sedentary lifestyle.
  • Then, the skin's natural hydro-lipid film, a mixture of perspiration and sebum, is unique to everyone. This is why when the perspiration is excessive, the smell and the hold of your perfume can be altered, by the humidity. So, to always be sure that your perfume is faithful to you, you can spray the fragrance on your clothes, preferably on natural materials.
  • Also, the scent of the skin varies, depending on its body temperature and that of the outside. It is different depending on the relief of the skin, whether it is rather dry, supple or soft.

How to choose the right perfume?

First, it's a story of meeting. That of the meeting between the perfume that will have attracted you and the inevitably unique scent of your skin. A magical alchemy is then created. The perfume suits you perfectly, you have it in your skin. The more the fragrance contains natural raw materials, the more it will change with the skin , because as we said, natural raw materials are alive and therefore evolving, while synthetic products are monolithic and more stable. The fragrance will therefore mingle with this odor of singular skin, yours, to create a unique scent, all of your own, the fruit of this alchemical encounter. In short, it is a third fragrance.

So we will not say "Here you are wearing this perfume of such or such brand!" but rather: "What do you smell good!" What do you put as a perfume, is it divine? "

In short : if we deprive ourselves of this famous skin-perfume encounter, we risk missing out on a truly magical alchemy that could sublimate your perfume.


Where to put the eau de parfum?

In places of pulsation, where the skin is warmer, because it is more irrigated by the blood circulation. At various strategic points:

  1. at the birth of the neck, on either side at the base of the ear, at the hairline, not directly behind the ear
  2. in the hollow of the chest
  3. on the navel
  4. in the hollow of the wrists
  5. in the hollow of the elbows

What about men's perfume?

Men generally prefer to wear perfume with a quick gesture. They can therefore spray eau de toilette, eau de parfum or cologne on the chest, neck and wrists for a unique imprint.
They can also apply a cloud of perfume on their scarf, or on the inside of their jacket.


Perfume your clothes

You can apply the perfume to your clothes with eau de toilette or eau de parfum to intensify your sillage , after having deposited the perfume on the skin. 
Remember: Perfume on the skin + perfume on clothes = guaranteed sillage

If you really do not want to perfume your skin, you can only perfume your clothes. The number of sprays will be more important, but it all depends on the power of the perfume. The more powerful the scent, the less you need to spray. Everything is in the dosage, you must avoid putting too much perfume, so as not to inconvenience those around you.

How to properly apply the perfume on your clothes? 

  • Only perfume fabrics made of natural materials: cotton, cashmere, silk, wool, linen, you will pay homage to it while you risk distorting your perfume by spraying it on synthetic clothes. 
  • It has been said that the red color is the best perfume enhancement, and the blue color is the least flattering because of the iron components it contains. 
  • Do not perfume light-colored clothes, otherwise you risk stains.
  • Do not perfume jewelry or furs, as this could damage them.
  • Spray your eau de toilette directly, it is perfect on clothes. 
  • Or, for your eau de parfum, spray a cloud in front of you and enter it, immediately after, this is very pleasant and prevents stains.


A few tips for perfecting the trail

  • You can apply your perfume to your hairbrush or comb. This avoids having a first spray of alcohol on your hair, which could slightly dry out your hair.
  • A few scented cotton balls, to place delicately in your lingerie drawer.
  • When you wash up, use a soap and especially a deodorant from the same line as your perfume. If it doesn't exist, then choose your fragrance-free toilet soap, so as not to create a cacophony with your favorite fragrance.
  • After the shower, spread a scented body lotion or cream over your body.
  • If you do not have a scented cream in the fragrance of your choice, then take a non-odorous body milk and spray at the last moment, a few drops of your fragrance, mix in the palm of your hand, it will be a milk that the smell will sublimate wonderfully and very faithfully every inch of your skin.
  • To perfect your sillage, include a few drops of eau de toilette in the rinse water of your lingerie, or use the shower gel or shampoo in the same scent.
  • What perfume experts call the layering technique is the scent layering technique. The more you layer different textures (soap, deodorant, milk, cream, talcum eau de parfum and eau de toilette) of the same fragrance, the more trail and tenacity you will have. 
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