Isn't it true that people's perfume can't be forgotten?

Isn't it true that people's perfume can't be forgotten?

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The question reminds me of a philosophical quandary of whether a tree makes a sound as it falls when no one is around to hear it. Is it possible to remember perfume even after the liquid scent has evaporated from one's body? Is the term "odor of sanctity" just a fancy theological saints have a wonderful rose scent? Finally, I'm curious if humans have a sixth olfactory sense capable of summoning a lost aroma through a type of akashic perfumery. Does the memory process as mental content as Beethoven must have seen as music in his thoughts despite his deafness? Although I've bought perfume for several close friends.
Yes, in some situations. I periodically get a whiff of a particular scent on someone walking down the street or anything, and it transports me back to my first true teenage relationship because it reminds me of her. So that's one perfume I'll never forget.
My grandfather used to produce tobacco on his land. Since then, I've smelled the smoke of many people, but when I came across an old document of his a few years ago, the smell was unmistakable - no other tobacco smelled like his, and it transported me back to wonderful childhood days with him and my grandmother.
I can't think of any additional examples, but I'm sure they exist; I'm just having trouble remembering who they are right now. There are many individuals, and the majority of them lack a distinctive odor. But I believe that the ones that do, even if you forget about them, their scent would always bring back the recollection if you smell them again.
We all have pheromones that naturally and energetically flow out of our bodies. These pheromones increase and become more evident when our bodies heat up. When we apply eau de toilette, oils perfume, those pheromones mix with the scent's constituents and then mingles and oozes from us. Certain fragrances will affect one person differently than they will affect another. Some people will have an adverse reaction and will not smell great at all.
On that point, some scents are so alluring that once you've smelled one from one individual, you'll remember it as an imprint on your senses and carry it with you. When you pass someone on the street, for example, while their reaction isn't the same as the first person's, it's close enough to make you remember the first time you smelled it. It's fascinating, exotic, sexy, and extremely enjoyable. So, when this happens, embrace the pleasant feelings you're experiencing and enjoy them!
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