Smell like Rihanna for Less: Kilian Love, Don't be shy Perfume Dupe

Smell like Rihanna for Less: Kilian Love, Don't be shy Perfume Dupe

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Every celebrity raves about how amazing Rihanna smells

We put Rihanna's secret perfume to the test. Rihanna is the perfume Pied Piper. Her smell follows her wherever she goes, just like her followers, and it's left quite a trail.

"I smell everyone on the red carpet, and @rihanna was the finest smelling star at the Grammys," Ryan Seacrest told followers as he greeted her on the red carpet.

"She has a wonderful scent. "That's one thing I can tell you," Nick Jonas said after a failed flirtation with the singer. "Everyone says that, but I've smelt her now, and it's incredible," he said.

"You have no clue," Jim Parsons concurred, who portrays Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. "Rihanna smells amazing. I'm not joking. So much so that when I rode the elevator down in a hotel where we were both staying, I smelt and said, 'Rihanna was here!'"

Rihanna Love Don't Be Shy!

During a quiz with Qs biscuits, Lil Nas declared Rihanna to be his "favorite fragrance," remarking that "she smells like heaven." Cardi B, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nigella have all stated that she smells amazing. When smelling her at the Met Gala, fashion giant André Leon Talley said, "ah, you smell so wonderful!" There's even a Twitter discussion about how enticing she smells (with the receipts to prove it).

Unsurprisingly, the rest of the world is curious about what makes Rihanna smell so lovely. And we have the answer owing to a heinous act of betrayal on the part of her friend (known on Instagram as @stylishgent). "She's wearing ByKilian, and it's called Love Don't Be Shy!" he exclaims to the camera as Ri-Ri screams in the background. "Is he telling them?" She may be heard stating, "It's a secret."


Mass panic ensues. It soon became the most popular fragrance at Sephora worldwide, fast selling out, and has since remained one of the brand's best-selling perfumes.

The perfume is a sugary gourmand with notes of cream soda, fluffy marshmallows, and clouds of candy floss mixed with a glug of sensuous vanilla. It smells ambrosial, warm, sweet, creamy, and seductive (like our queen, Ri-Ri). I can picture getting a smell of this as she went by and finding it fascinating and sexy. But, while the lingering smell is exquisite (and boy, does it linger), it's a powerful perfume that requires guts to carry off, and it's perhaps a little too sweet for this mere mortal.

Unfortunately, for those who haven't had a prosperous music career, a worldwide successful cosmetics firm, or a high-end luxury apparel brand, spending around $350 in good American dollars on perfume isn't on our to-do list.

Fortunately, there is a dupe for this high-end spritz, and it's available on our online store — we love a good beauty bargain.

Fearless Love hits the mark perfectly with a fragrance blend that includes the same orange blossom notes as RiRi's pick, as well as hints of lavender and vanilla to tie in those lovely warm, sweet, floral characteristics that everyone loves about the original Love Don't Be Shy perfume.

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