Where To Buy Niche Perfumes?

Where To Buy Niche Perfumes?

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Where to buy niche perfumes?
In recent years, niche fragranceshas experienced strong expansion. It generally offers higher prices and sells a smaller volume of perfumes.Nevertheless, its clientele appears to be more loyal. Today, you should know that more than 3,000 points of sale around the world distribute niche fragrances.So, here is a list of five places that are among the most beautiful on the planet to get this type of so-called confidential perfume.


The Farmacia Santa Maria Novella in Florence

It is an old pharmacy dating from 1612. The latter then offered the sale of perfumes in a setting as majestic as it was ancestral.It is a unique opportunity to take a trip back in time and to immerse yourself in the world of apothecaries.

Marie-Antoinette, a Parisian boutique

Marie-Antoinette is a small shop of 13 m² arranged in a theatrical way. This tells us the story of niche perfumes through old books, a sewing kit, or even an old camera. This sign teleports us into a new era and stages smells in ever more creative scenarios.

MiN New York, in the heart of Soho

MiN New York is an atypical boutique created by two artists. Also, it is as much a store selling niche perfumes as a place of exhibition. The idea is to come out of this place with smells in your head and stars in your eyes.

Nose, in Paris

Nose is a veritable apothecary shop where a multitude of vials proudly stand on the shelves. This brand brings together 7 perfume experts and offers a very select concept. What's more, the shop is often animated with meetings, parties… and even scented aperitifs!

Profumo, in Milan

Profumo was Milan's first niche perfume store. It offers a selection of only 12 brands and is seen as a particularly refined boutique. The one that started out as a very small Italian brand 30 years ago seems to have taken off…

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