Oud Minerale, The New Woody Freshness Of Tom Ford

Oud Minerale, The New Woody Freshness Of Tom Ford

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Oud Minerale, the new woody freshness of Tom Ford
Oud Minerale, the new woody freshness of Tom Ford

In recent years, it seems that Tom Ford has become a real lover of oud wood . In 2013, he also devoted perfumes to this raw material. Tobacco Oud and Oud Fleur have thus brought a very different approach to this precious wood, sometimes associating it with an enigmatic breath or even a more romantic floral flavor. Well, it is clear that Tom Ford had not yet finished with the work of this catchy material. This time, he gives us a combination of oud wood and sea spray. The contrast is striking and incorporates the brand new Oud Minerale fragrance.

Oud Minerale, a fragrance from the Private Blend collection

It was in 2005 that Tom Ford decided to found his own design house. From its launch, he decided to orient himself in the world of beauty and this is how this first perfume was born. Tom Ford then had the idea of ​​developing a collection called Private Blend, bringing together precious raw materials in original fragrances. “Private Blend is my perfume laboratory,” he says, “it is the place where I can create original, unique fragrances freed from the usual conventions of perfumery. Private Blend has been created with real fragrance lovers in mind, ”he explains. This is how oud wood became part of the Oud Minerale recipe.

The secret of oud wood

Oud Minerale has chosen to place one of the most precious woods on the planet at the center of its recipe. Oud wood is an emblematic ingredient of the Orient. It is a kind of patchouli, and much more expensive. Moreover, its price sometimes exceeds that of gold. It is a rare ingredient offered exclusively in fine perfumery. This one offers a woody, leathery and animal flavor, the hints of which are sometimes somewhat pharmaceutical. Usually, oud wood is a popular ingredient among sophisticated perfume consumers. Used for centuries for medicinal and spiritual purposes, it also has a very strong connotation for certain ethnic groups such as Buddhists. The oud wood calls for meditation and appeasement.

The recipe for the new Oud Minerale

If oud wood is often associated with a tawny trail or sewn with incense, it is revealed this time in a much fresher breath. The idea is new but Tom Ford has dared here to associate it with a marine and slightly salty flavor. It is as if the wood was suddenly plunged into the ocean. To enhance this effect, a seaweed flavor has also been added to the Oud Minerale recipe. Pink pepper, for its part, brings more impertinence here, while styrax reinforces its animality. This scent is exuberant and confusing at the same time. He dares to combine the fresh flavor of the sea with a burning tear of smoky wood. After all, we expected no less from the amazing Tom Ford ...

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