Bread in perfumery

Bread in perfumery

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Everyone has in mind the memory of a good smell of hot bread while passing in front of a bakery, it is precisely this memory and this emotion that the note of bread in perfumery tried to reproduce in the pretty bottle of Serge Lutens and in the Anglo-Saxon anecdotal “Toast Water” created by… bakers!

Bread through history ...

Bread would have been invented at the time of the Paleolithic era, ie 30,000 years BC! Traces of unleavened bread where starch seeds were placed under mortars and other stones resembling pestles and then baked have been found by researchers.

The evolution of bread making will follow the evolution of tool making. The notable invention of the grain mill during Antiquity will have a beneficial effect on the making and consumption of bread. Between Greece, Mesopotamia and Egypt, the ways of working and baking bread are different but nevertheless remain the proof that bread is essential for everyone.

During the Middle Ages, faced with poor maintenance of the mills, bread became scarce and was subject to a tax levied by the lords. Between a shortage of flour and the danger of grinding bran, bread was the sinews of war which also led to the French Revolution (we remember the flour war and the royal family nicknamed the “Baker”, the “ Boulangère ”and the“ Petit Mitron ”).

Then the fermentation techniques evolve and the means of cooking are modernized, however the bread remains the object of pressure or rationing of the people, in particular during the Second World War.

How about a note of bread in a perfume?

Today bread has once again become an object of lusts and desires like delicacies despite years of unnecessary deprivation when it was deemed too fatty. It was precisely at this time, in 2013, that the English Federation of Bakers designed its fragrance “Eau de Toast”. This scent with a note of toast, was meant to be pleasant of course but above all to be the object of a major media stunt in favor of bread, even though it was distributed free of charge in the middle of London fashion week.

In addition to this anecdotal fragrance and Angel's ethyl maltol synthetic note reminding some noses of toast, Serge Lutens' pretty scent Jeux de peaux is currently the only one to exhale the note of bread in a perfume. Jeux de peaux attracts people with its gourmet aromas of breakfast, coffee, hot bread and milk. The heart notes of osmanthus and bread blend into a cocktail of sweet base notes (caramel, liquorice and vanilla), powerful thanks to labdanum and sandalwood but also milky hot milk and delicious hazelnuts and coffee .

It is therefore a safe bet that the note of bread, with a strong olfactory and sensitive presence, can appear in gourmet and creative juices like certain unusual notes, hot milk for example, which now inhabit our perfumes more regularly. .

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