Cascarille in perfumery

Cascarille in perfumery

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If the note of cascarille is rare, it nevertheless appears in beautiful perfumes which use this original note as the signature of their oriental or chypre fragrances, like the perfumed UFO Black Magic by Lancôme

Cascarille or croton eluteria a tropical shrub with magical scents

Cascarilla is a small shrub covered with a brownish-red bark native to the West Indies and Bahamas. Although little known despite its multiple properties, cascarille is widespread in many countries in South America such as Mexico, Colombia or even Panama.

If the shrub produces small flowers, it is its peculiar orange bark that is used to make an essence or an essential oil of this tropical plant. The essence of cascarille is widely used in herbal medicine for its gastric, expectorant or even respiratory properties.

However, the essence of cascarille should be handled with care because it can cause discomfort or dizziness However, vertigo hardly scared the Lancôme perfumers who used it in particular to create a disturbing and original perfume Black Magic .

The note of cascarille to enchant our fragrances

Like the sweet omen of an enchanting note, cascarille has arisen in very pretty fragrances to exhale its peppery and woody scents! However, there is no point in trying to classify it among an olfactory family because cascarille is quite simply unclassifiable, like many of the fragrances in which it appears!

Lancôme's Black Magic, released in 1978, is typically one of those scents that are both unclassifiable and totally surprising which, certainly for the very first time in broad daylight, exhales the note of cascarille as a base note. The magic in this juice that is both oriental and floral, fruity with notes of blackcurrant and spicy with its bergamot, tender his armfuls of jasmine flowers and pink like wild with animal notes associated with cascarille background.
Then Maître Parfumeur et Gantier, renewed the use of the pretty essence of cascarille with Rose Opulente. This flowery and green fragrance, released in 1989, offers notes of pink aldehyde heads to open its heart of jasmine and cascarilla blooming in a wake of animal notes. The rose is therefore oriental here and delicately peppery thanks to the cascarilla

Finally in 2005 Miller Harris' Tobacco leaf, offers a note of cascarille in a refreshing and aromatic mixed chypre woody note. The top notes of cascarilla and chilli pepper offer an entry as strong as spicy towards aromatic and delicately woody heart notes. The deep wake of this fragrance will mix tobacco, patchouli and tonka bean for an astonishing cocktail of fragrances reminiscent of the atmosphere and emotions of a small Parisian bar

It would seem that the cascarille or croton eluteria be the tip of wooded originality that spices up the original fragrance creators who do not hesitate to use unpublished materials, almost, to offer unique juice and almost out of time .

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