Celery in perfumery

Celery in perfumery

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Can celery really be a raw material in perfumery?

A half-wild plant for a long time seen as much more aesthetic than appetizing, celery did not seem, at first glance, to have a future in scented fragrances… And yet!

The wild ache (ancient name for celery) was used as a table decoration among the Greeks and in the famous laurel wreaths of the Romans. Then, we discovered its medicinal virtues to finally, centuries later, dwell on its taste and the major asset that celery could bring to gastronomy.

Thanks to its essential oil made from its seeds, celery finds a new way: perfumery! Indeed, its hot, powerful and spicy perfume makes it possible to provide unique scents and deep wakes to fragrances. It will become, especially during the year 2000, the ally of beautiful masculine woods.

The note of celery in spicy masculine scents

As a heart or base note, celery settles in the spicy woody or aromatic woody scents of the new millennium.

With Lanvin's Oxygen for men, celery appears as a base note associated with white musk to offer depth and originality to the scented spices and marine notes of the composition. In Jacomo's Aura for men, we use the same celery-white musk base accord to highlight spices and fruity notes of fig.

On the other hand, in Ralph Lauren's Romance for Men, celery and basil are powerful and intoxicating top notes to draw the fragrances towards spices and citrus while registering a trail of white musk and powerful sandalwood.

Almost simultaneously, the feminine perfumes will offer two very original fragrances based on the note of celery: the citrus floral IKKS Woman from IKKS and the woody fruity Purple Fantasy from Guerlain. In these two flavors, celery is installed directly as a base note and associated with strawberries and white musks for IKKS and fig for Guerlain.

The least that we can about celery in perfumery is that it is still relatively little present but that it clashes in absolutely new juices, totally creative associations and fragrances that we will certainly not smell everywhere. ! Moreover, let us note that a famous Quebecois house Monsillage, won thanks to its at least astonishing perfume Celery water, a coveted prize in the trade at the Art and Olfaction Awards in Los Angeles in 2015. Yes, celery is a beautiful raw material in perfumery!

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