Hyssop in perfumery

Hyssop in perfumery

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The tangy aromatic herb queen of scrubland: hyssop

The hyssop, this little flower of the garrigue has the merit of having been quoted all the same in one of the most read books in the world, the Bible: And you will take a bunch of hyssop, and you will soak it in blood. which will be in the basin […] . Because the little plant is sacred and considered as a purifying plant for places of meditation. In Hebrew culture, hyssop is also clearly known as the plant that symbolizes humility. And yet despite all these noble and ancient references, hyssop was forgotten for centuries in favor of its origins or marjoram cousins.

It has reappeared for several decades in our gardens and our bushes to the delight of our eyes and our nostrils. In addition, its essential oil has powerful antiviral properties (after removing its toxic part) and of course very fragrant. Hence its recent appearance in beautiful flowery and very original juices.

The hyssop note in flowery fragrances

The hyssop note is particularly characterized by its aromatic power but also by the delicacy of its fragrance. So while traditionally aromatics appear more often in men's scents, hyssop goes particularly well with the new flowery, fruity and fresh scents that we love so much at the moment.

Thus the fruity flowers Oxygen by Lanvin or Purple Fantasy by Guerlain use hyssop as well as a heart note associated with daffodils or osmanthus or as a top note tuned in unison with green notes and this famous new freshness.

Hyssop is also the note of even more original flowery fragrances such as the floral and aquatic Givenchy Oblique Play by Givenchy or even the floral woody Premier Jour by Nina Ricci who no longer hesitates to use the floral note. hyssop in base note associated with white musks.

It seems that hyssop has found a nice way to distinguish itself in perfumery thanks to the floral family. In addition, it arouses the inventiveness of the nose who have not hesitated to also associate it with an oriental vanilla MV5 from MAC which uses it at the heart of fragrances of fruit, aromatics and amber. Finally, despite its delicacy, the attraction of the masculine range of perfumes for the original aromatic notes should perhaps soon make hyssop enter the beautiful woody aromatic juices of these gentlemen

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