Cherry Blossom Fragrances

family Rosaceae, genus Prunus | Flowers
Perfumes that contain fragrance note – Cherry Blossom | Scent profile: A fantasy floral note of light fresh blooms.
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SKU: Adesso

SKU: Adesso

VENDOR: Fragrenza

Sentiment and fellowship take new statures when accompanied with a critical revival of Memory, in this manner leaving a light, invigorating, sweet, breezy, and floral fruity essence. Shabby, cotton candy subtlety from dark raspberry and gentle unmistakable aroma from dark...


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Cherry Blossom is the flower of the cherry tree or one of the trees of the genus Prunus. The beauty of this flower is highly regarded around the world, and especially in Japan where the ancient practice of admiring the beauty of the cherry blossom - known as hanami - has continued through the centuries. Many varieties of cherry have been cultivated exclusively for ornamental purposes. The most popular cherry blossom variety in Japan is Somei Yoshino, which stands out with pure white flowers tinged with pale pink highlights.