What does Lost cherry perfume smell like?

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Lost Cherry, like any other Tom Ford fragrance, is well-balanced but not overpowering, and will sit close enough to your skin to be noticed by others that approach you. It has a little cherry scent, but not overpoweringly so. It's not as sweet as some other cherry perfumes, such as Guerlain's L'Homme Ideal. Instead, it's this extremely light cherry with powdery undertones.

Is Tom Ford lost cherry sweet?

You'll smell like cherries, almonds, and marzipan from a cherry bakewell pie. Or a refreshing sip of Disaronno and coke. There's even a tinge of Dr. Pepper in there, which I mean as a compliment. The fragrance is of rich, juicy cherry with a nutty almond accord and some lovely dark tonka/vanilla notes. Scent-wise, this is just perfection. The first marachino cherry is fleeting. It rapidly fades into a genuine dish of dark, luscious cherries. Candied cherries have a stronger aroma than fresh cherries. This is appropriate for all events. Daytime, evening, bedtime, work, office, night out, all of it.

Is Lost Cherry unisex?

Tom Ford's Lost Cherry is an amber floral fragrance for men and women.

What perfume is like Lost Cherry?

And whilst I think it smells good, "Lost Cherry" is incredibly overpriced. Our much more affordable dupe, Amarena Cherry, is available, so be sure to check it out.

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