Coconut Fragrances

Perfumes that contain the fragrance note of coconut offer a warm and inviting scent profile that is perfect for a day at the beach or a relaxing tropical vacation. This tropical fruit has a sweet, creamy, and nutty aroma that is often accompanied by hints of vanilla and milk. It is a popular fragrance note in perfumes and is widely used in creating gourmand and exotic scents.

Coconut fragrance notes can vary depending on the source of the scent, with some being more fruity and others having a more toasted or woody quality. It is often blended with other tropical and fruity notes to create complex and layered fragrances that are perfect for summer or warm weather wear.

Coconut Fragrances
Tom Ford Lost Cherry Dupe
Amarena Cherry

Obsessed with cherry? If you want to really amp up the cherry scent, this Tom Ford Lost Cherry dupe will give Lost Cherry a run for its money. Black cherry, cherry syrup, and cherry liqueur all mingle together for an indulgent cherry overdose that’s complemented by notes of almond, tonka bean, Turkish rose, and jasmine sambac.

Fruits, Vegetables And Nuts

Cocos nucifera (Arecaceae)

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Lactones are probably not the most popular class of organic compounds, but when it comes to fragrance chemistry, they are mentioned a lot. The scent of lactones is often defined as creamy, and the word itself partly alludes to its meaning (Lat. Lac, lactis - milk). That said, the aroma spectrum of lactones is much broader, but let's start from the beginning.

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