Cumin Fragrances

Perfumes that contain fragrance note – Cumin | Scent profile: a spice with an especially pungent, bitter-sour note that can resemble sweat. Polarizing, it can highlight a fragrance creation like no other and is nowadays often used to render an intimate, animalic note in abscence of animalics. Famously overdosed in Kingdom by Alexander McQueen.
Tom Ford Lost Cherry Dupe
Amarena Cherry

Obsessed with cherry? If you want to really amp up the cherry scent, this Tom Ford Lost Cherry dupe will give Lost Cherry a run for its money. Black cherry, cherry syrup, and cherry liqueur all mingle together for an indulgent cherry overdose that’s complemented by notes of almond, tonka bean, Turkish rose, and jasmine sambac.


Cuminum cyminum

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Umbelliferae (Lat. Umbelliferae, aka the celery family, Lat. Apiaceae) are one of the largest plant families in nature (over 400 genera and around 3, 500 varieties), and they are certainly incredibly important in the matter. of agriculture. Apart from a few plants with a fairly notorious reputation (such as cowbane, alias northern hemlock), many plants are edible and / or used for culinary purposes: carrot, lovage, celery, parsley, parsnip, dill, fennel, coriander, and others.

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