Driftwood Fragrances

Perfumes that contain fragrance note – Driftwood | Scent profile: a dry woody note with salty aromatic nuances.
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Azure Coast
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Azure Coast

SKU: Costa Azzurra

SKU: Costa Azzurra

VENDOR: Tom Ford

Inspired by the sprawling vegetation, hot sunlight and refreshing sea air of the Sardinia coastline, this fragrance takes one on a olfactory journey which is evocative of Mediterranean summers. The opening is sweet and refreshing, striking an accord which is...


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Driftwood is a piece of wood that is floating in water or thrown to the ground by it. Driftwood is often used in home decor, as a great choice for beach or lake decor. It is also used in landscape architecture and gardening for driftwood sculptures and other examples of garden art.