Lime (Linden) Blossom Fragrances

Tilia, family Tiliaceae | Flowers
Perfumes that contain fragrance note – Lime (Linden) Blossom | Scent profile: a bright yellow floral, with a honey and green nuance.
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Linden blossom is one of those floral fragrances that I have been looking for in perfumery since the very beginning of my hobby. I looked for him, but I met him less often than I would like to admit. The authentic scent of flowering linden is rarely found in perfumery, which is quite sad - the majority of truly beautiful scents with this note are no longer produced or have been reformulated at some point. However, I would still like to share the results of my research on the subject. Some editions are still available. Others can be found at auction. And then there are the scents of linden flowers created by Russian perfume craftsmen. The linden flower wilts quickly. But a scent with a linden scent can revive in your mind the days when the trees were in full bloom, and do it when you want . .. The main thing here is to find a scent that matches your perception of linden trees in bloom. . Tilleul de France, the famous Tilleul de D'Orsay brings to Paris at the beginning of June, the flowering lime trees of the Luxembourg garden, the warm and transparent air, the spicy scent of withered cut grass, and the scent of acacia. in bloom… Linden tinged with honey The flower-acacia scent is immaculate in Tilleul. There is exactly as much honey as in natural flowers, and not a little more. The intense but fresh sweetness is offset by the subtle bitterness of absinthe and tobacco. Of all the lime blossom scents, Tilleul by D'Orsay is the most elegant, precisely because it is not a soliflore and its honeyed qualities do not suppress other notes.