Marigold Fragrances

Tagetes lemmonii Asteraceae Other names: tagetes | Greens, Herbs And Fougeres
Perfumes that contain fragrance note - Marigold | Scent profile: a spicy aromatic herbal fragrance.
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Lullincense Woman
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Lullincense Woman

SKU: Interlude Woman

SKU: Interlude Woman

VENDOR: Amouage

Lullincense Woman is a beautiful leather-covered wooden box full of the finest incense, velvet-lined on the inside. It isn't the smell of the incense burning, there is no smokiness here, just the smell of resins and powders and herbs permeating...


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Marigold is a genus of herbaceous plants in the sunflower family. Marigold is also known as tagetes. The genus is native to North and South America, but it is cultivated all over the world. The marigold flower is golden, orange, yellow or white, with bright brown highlights. The name of the plant is derived from Mary's Gold, a name that was once used to refer to Calendula. The flower has a musky, pungent scent and is used as an essential oil source in the perfume industry and as a flavoring agent in the food and tobacco industry.