Pitahaya Fragrances

genus Hylocereus, Stenocereus Other names: dragon fruit | Fruits, Vegetables And Nuts
Perfumes that contain fragrance note - Pitahaya | Scent profile: a fruit of cactus species, known as dragon fruit, native to the Americas. Known also as moonflower, the flowers exude a sweet, heady floral aroma when in bloom.
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Most of the plants of the Hylocereus species are native to Latin America probably Mexico and Colombia. Some plants are likely to come from the West Indies. Today, they have been distributed in the tropics and subtropics around the world. The most common species is H. undatus which is cultivated as a commercial plant in Australia, China, Israel, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Taiwan, Vietnam, Colombia and Costa Rica. There are around 16 species of Hylocereus which, due to their beautiful and large flowers, have great ornamental value. These night-blooming flowers usually have creamy white petals, but some species grow red and rose-red petals.