A real short film featuring a sublime top model

A real short film featuring a sublime top model

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Chanel No 5

With a fresh, sporty and sentimental spot, Chanel's Eau de Parfum N ° 5 has managed to capsize the senses and gain a special place in the hearts of beautystas around the world!

A refreshing advertising spot

It's very simple: when the house of Chanel launches into the production of an advertisement, it does not put just anyone in charge. Better, she does not make an advertisement, she makes a film. And what a movie! For the last short film on its Eau de Parfum N ° 5, Chanel is betting all its chips on a top Giselle Bündchen, which borders on physical perfection and which shows a transcendent charisma that will make all its rivals tremble. Shot by the director of Moulin Rouge and Gatsby Le Magnifique, the blockbuster reveals itself as an ode to the personality and incomparable beauty of the Brazilian top. In direct competition with the sublime advertising spot of J'adore when it was released, the advertisement for Chanel's eau de parfum N ° 5 manages to perform well, especially with its maritime staging,

A sublime muse

After Marylin Monroe, Catherine Deneuve, Carole Bouquet, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tautou and Brad Pitt, it is the turn of the sculptural Giselle Bündchen to represent the house of Chanel. Nice blow for the brand which signs with it with an advertising spot of astonishing sensitivity. New face of Chanel's Eau de Parfum N ° 5, the Brazilian top of German origin surfs serenely in an advertising film with a colossal budget, while her boyfriend prepares his breakup. A true ode to love and passion, the short film focuses on loving feelings, the beauty of the slow-motion image, as well as the passionate and suave voice that covers the world famous hit "You ' re the one that I want ", originally performed by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John in Grease.

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No. 1 in the hearts of women

In addition to its dream advertising spot, Chanel N ° 5 Eau de Parfum earns its place on the best-selling podium thanks to its timeless scents , its mythical values and its understated bottle !

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