The bottle N ° 5, an object of desire that has survived the ages

The bottle N ° 5, an object of desire that has survived the ages

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Chanel No 5

How to evoke Chanel Eau de Parfum N ° 5 without talking about its bottle? Inseparable from the most legendary fragrance of all time, this bottle designed by Coco Chanel has become a real object of envy!

A bottle that has never stopped evolving

The Chanel myth came to life in 1921, with the creation of Eau de Parfum N ° 5, under the leadership of Ernest Beaux. A concentrate of femininity and glamor, embellished with a floral bouquet, this juice composed of 80 ingredients is a must have that has survived the ages. Between its more than sensual muses, its "woman's" scents and its values ​​of absolute femininity, Chanel N ° 5 Eau de Parfum also owes its success to the shape of its bottle, designed by the magical Coco Chanel. Through five different shapes that have evolved from decade to decade (1921, 1930, 1950, 1970 and 1986), the bottle with its understated design is an integral part of the success of Chanel's N ° 5 eau de parfum. that the designer never ceased to assert that "what was

A simple and elegant design

Coco Chanel surely did not expect such success when she designed the bottle for Chanel N ° 5 Eau de Parfum. The beauty of the bottle is such that it will be exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1959. While the genius designer wanted a simple bottle for her perfume, she created an object of lust, a true work of art. art that continues to fuel everyone's imagination. In a simple elegance, with its thick glass and wide stopper, Chanel N ° 5 Eau de Parfum is stamped with a black and white label. An object so simple for the time that it had no trouble finding its place in the avant-garde category. Inspired by the models of vodka flasks of the Imperial Guard, the flask of the

The other assets

The bottle is not the only asset of Chanel's N ° 5 Eau de Parfum: its scents , its advertising reinforced by legendary muses and its ultra-glamorous values greatly contribute to its success!

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