Ferrara Gardens a very gentlemanly fragrance

Ferrara Gardens a very gentlemanly fragrance

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Ferrara Gardens starts out as a citrusy green fragrance with some tangy and fresh grapefruit with some slightly floral petitgrain. It's a very refreshing aroma that will uplift you. It then starts to morph into something a bit soapier when the clean vetiver comes out. Erring on the side of classic green fragrances with a modern twist. The oud adds a touch of smoke that lends itself to keep this composition somewhat rugged. The rose is clean and adds another soapy layer to this fragrance. The cedar lends itself to the oud to create a slight smoky woody accord. The fir is slightly sweet and gives it a forestry feel with some wood and fir needles. So, ultimately what you get is a woody fragrance with some clean soapiness and a bit of smoky and peppery wood. A very gentlemanly fragrance that evokes a bit of ruggedness. This is the type of fragrance that transcends time and will be a future classic.
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