Tom Ford's New Ombré Leather Fragrance

Tom Ford's New Ombré Leather Fragrance

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Tom Ford's new Ombré Leather fragrance
Tom Ford's new Ombré Leather fragrance

Ombré Leather, the new leathery scent from Tom Ford

Perfumes are now as widespread in the feminine sector as in the masculine world. Thus, it is more and more common to see these two worlds intertwine to reveal androgynous essences. Mixed fragrances are particularly popular. They can be shared with his or her beloved, leaving in the process a warm and seductive imprint on the skin. In this context, Tom Ford has decided to reveal a brand new unisex fragrance. Focus on Ombré Leather, the brand's latest creation.

Ombré Leather, an olfactory journey

Tom Ford's Ombré Leather is directly inspired by travel, and more precisely the deserts in the western region of the United States. To make this fragrance, Tom Ford has imagined a captivating landscape, stretching as far as the eye can see, and cradled with a thin blonde light on the horizon. Ombré Leather is like windswept sand, huge rock rising in the air. Here it is above all a question of freedom. Ombré Leather is the scent of an unattached man or woman, going forward and cutting through the air of these great spaces to discover more and more the wonders of nature.

Ombré Leather, an indomitable fragrance

Ombré Leather is a stimulating, fiery and indomitable fragrance. It “is a textured fragrance, which melts on the skin and engraves an almost palpable sensuality on it. It envelops you in a unique, captivating and desirable sensation ”. Its composition begins with a spicy scent of cardamom and saffron. Thus, the freshness becomes incandescent, giving rise to a real olfactory shock. Then, floral tones envelop the whole. Ombré Leather is particularly dominated by the presence of sambac jasmine . This opulent and luminous flower is here wrapped in leather. The patchouli then comes to structure the whole, while darkening with vetiver. Ombré Leather finally warms up with amber and foam for a more velvety finish.

The very refined aesthetic of the Tom Ford bottle

On the bottle side, Ombré Leather comes in a very refined black bottle. Its surface is perfectly smooth. The latter has a touch close to that of leather, immediately echoing the scent it contains. Its name, meanwhile, is written on its front? in a white color contrasting radically with the rest of the set. Ombré Leather is presented to us in formats of 50 or 100 ml. The choice of the color black, meanwhile, was not made at random. This is the designer's favorite color. Thus, Ombré Leather is a plunge into the personal universe of this perfume genius. Tom Ford is once again proving his expertise to us. Ombré Leather has barely been released when it is already showing off as a perfume that deserves its place in Tom Ford's prestige line.

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