Cedar in perfumery

Cedar in perfumery

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Virginia cedar or the smell of pencils

Virginia cedar is widely used in essential oils, because it has always had many virtues. Indeed, it is a lymphatic and venous decongestant. It is also an antiseptic, a fungicide and an expectorant, and it is of great help in the fight against cellulite. In perfumery, we use red cedar, but also several varieties of cedar, such as atlas cedar, Chinese cedar or even Canadian white cedar. The smell of cedar is dry, green and resinous… It is an exact replica of the smell of pencil. The return of woody fragrances, for both men and women, finally puts Virginia cedar in the spotlight. Today, cedar is the starting point for a host of woody notes. Even if brands do not always include his name in the composition of a perfume,they use Virginia cedar endlessly.

The marriage of Virginia cedar with the different olfactory families

Cedar can go well with all olfactory families, even if it is mainly present in woody scents. In compositions, it is mainly used as a base note, because it has an impeccable hold. Virginia cedar goes perfectly with patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, but also with flowers and fruits. It then brings elegance, but above all character. We think here of the perfume Eau des Merveilles by Hermès, where cedar is delicately mixed with vetiver, ambergris and citrus fruits (lemon, orange). Results ? A daring and powerful fragrance that leaves behind a trail of distant waters. In Yves Saint-Laurent's Man's Night perfume, Virginia cedar is present in the middle note, with lavender and aromatic notes. In the base note, we find coumarin,and in top notes, we find floral notes as well as bergamot. This perfume for men is charismatic, dark, but resolutely elegant

Little known to the public for its implication in perfumery, virginia cedar or red cedar, is widely used in perfume compositions. Thanks to its history and its therapeutic virtues, the cedar of Virginia has a very particular odor, that which one feels when one sharpens a pencil of paper, and which brings us back delicately in our childhood The mixture of the cedar with d other fragrances give incredibly strong, powerful and irresistible scents! The cedar version for women or for men, you absolutely have to try it

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