Collection: Atlas Cedar Fragrances

The perfume note of Atlas Cedar is a splendidly complex melody of warmth, depth, and tranquil strength. Harvested from the majestic Cedar trees of the Moroccan Atlas mountains, this note sings a soothing, earthy hymn reminiscent of antiquated wooden chests and forest-laden pathways. Its aroma is a charming blend of dry woodiness, underpinned by a subtly sweet and resinous warmth, evoking images of sun-dappled cedars on a crisp morning. Hints of pencil-shavings-like freshness come through, adding an unexpected yet pleasing nuance to its character. Atlas Cedar lends a robust, grounding backbone to fragrances, infusing them with an air of quiet confidence and enduring sophistication. This aromatic profile is serene yet distinctive, making it a much-loved note in both masculine and feminine compositions.

Atlas Cedar Fragrances