Chocolate in perfumery

Chocolate in perfumery

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The note of chocolate and Angel by Thierry Mugler

Chocolate, or rather the cocoa bean, has been known since the conquest of South America in the 16th century. He also said to himself that it was Christopher Columbus who brought back the first cocoa beans by throwing them from his ship because he thought that the gift offered by the Amerindians was goat droppings! Ah ...

Since Christopher Columbus, we have learned a lot about the taste richness of these pretty cocoa beans and chocolate remains a delicacy appreciated by all, or almost. However, until Thierry Mugler, no one had dared to make the crazy bet that chocolate could be a raw material in perfumery. Thierry Mugler's “Angel” was released in 1992 and radically changed the classics of the time. He dares and surprises by offering an oriental ... gourmand! The citrus top notes offer a fruity and exotic heart while stretching towards a deep trail of notes of vanilla, patchouli but also caramel and chocolate! A beautiful daring which will have the merit of opening the enchanted parenthesis of gourmet and sweet perfumes while having attracted a crowd of admirers who proclaimed and still proclaim Angel as a great success of women's perfumery!

Chocolate and its fragrant and gourmet notes

The chocolate note, revealed by Angel, is now worked in perfumery from various synthetic or natural raw materials. Chocovan and pyrazines seem to be the closest molecules to evoking the delicate yet raw scent of dark chocolate. Patchouli and tonka bean in some ways evoke chocolate, rather almond-flavored chocolate for tonka bean. Finally, musk is used to evoke the sweetness of white chocolate, especially habanolide musk.

The chocolate note will be particularly appreciated with the family of oriental fragrances with gourmet or fruity facets. Thus the venerable Guerlain launched its gourmet perfume in 2008 “Gourmand Coquin” with ultra powerful head notes of pepper and rum which will enchant rose and vanilla to sprinkle them with cocoa and chocolate notes. Then “La vie est belle L'Absolu de Parfum” by Lancôme and “Bonbon” by Viktor & Rolf will play with oriental contrasts and colors to create fragrances that are both delicious and fruity.

The chocolate note is therefore greedy and sweet to be the raw material for sparkling, oriental, flowery juices and who knows perhaps many other associations will come to highlight this sublime matter?

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