Cucumber in perfumery

Cucumber in perfumery

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The cucumber known since the dawn of time for its virtues in cosmetics

From the 18th century, although brought back by Charlemagne not long ago, cucumber was one of the beauty remedies used by the ladies of the time to lighten the complexion. In fact, the cucumber, cut into slices at the time and now reduced to a pulp concentrate today, is a powerful natural remedy in dermatology.

Cucumber has ultra-hydrating virtues for the skin and revitalizing thanks to its vitamins which activate cell regeneration. Thus the cucumber mask and many other cosmetic products made the pretty Asian cucurbitacea, an essential cosmetic product for dull or tired skin.

In addition, the cucumber exudes a fresh and very green scent. The perfumery and its summer waters quickly used the cucumber note to offer freshness and green notes to mainly feminine or mixed perfumes.

The cucumber note in perfumery to refresh summer fragrances!

The cucumber note is particularly known for being a standard in Calvin Klein's CK One summer waters. Indeed, the Ck One Summer brilliantly reflects the fragrant green and tender facets of cucumber.

Sometimes as a top note, sometimes as a heart note, the CK One Summer series almost systematically associates cucumber in its compositions. In “Ck One summer 2008”, cucumber appears in the middle note of the aromatic citrus fruit associated with bergamot and fresh mint. In its successor “Ck One summer 2009”, the cucumber note is part of the top notes on accords of mint, bergamot and lemon.

Then in the mixed versions of Ck One summer Ck One summer 2012 and CK One summer 2013 two beautiful aquatic aromatics, cucumber combines with the same refreshing notes as its successor for both with notes of mint and lotus.

However, if Calvin Klein seems to have been passionate about the cucumber note, let us not forget that it is also exhaled in great flowery feminine juices like Ralph Cool by Ralph Lauren as well as in woody masculine fragrances such as Aramis Life by 'Aramis. The cucumber note allowing many olfactory associations, it can now be found in certain Orientals in search of freshness “CK One Shock Street edition for him” or even in green citrus fruits such as “Frisson de Verveine” from L'Occitane.

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