Cinnamon Leaf in perfumery

Cinnamon Leaf in perfumery

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The cinnamon leaf makes it possible to produce a raw material useful in aromatherapy as well as a delicately spicy note in perfumery. Less known and more refined than cinnamon, cinnamon leaf creates original and delicate facets in woody, fern or even aromatic scents.

Ceylon cinnamon and its famous raw materials

The cinnamon of Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, has other similar species such as the Chinese cinnamon, however the one, the true and the only traditional cinnamon to produce both cinnamon and cinnamon leaves is indeed that of Ceylon.

The cinnamon tree, which can reach dizzying heights of 15 meters in height, grows by the sea at high altitudes. This did not prevent it from being one of the most used raw materials at the time of the Egyptians and Ancient Greece for the properties of its famous bark, cinnamon.
Cinnamon is not only the provider of the sublime cinnamon sacred and consecrated by different religions. It also produces beautiful leaves which, once transformed into gasoline or essential oil, will be used in the same way as bay leaves. In addition to their medicinal properties, Ceylon cinnamon leaves have a spicy scent that is both exotic and light, which makes them excellent raw materials in perfumery.

Cinnamon leaf in perfumery

Although we have long known about the delicate scent of the cinnamon leaf, perfumers used cinnamon much more than the leaf of its tree in their juices. And yet! Cinnamon leaf offers a sweeter fragrance than cinnamon while retaining its exotic and intoxicating scent. If perfumes based on notes of cinnamon leaves are relatively recent, some years were particularly prolific in the use of these pretty scented leaves.
From 2005 to 2011, masculine scents, be they woody, oriental, aromatic or ferns, profusely used the cinnamon leaf note in their almost exclusively masculine juices. For woody notes, the cinnamon leaf note is often a heart note. Thus in Force Majeure by Bogart the cinnamon leaf is in the heart with spices and jasmine, in Potion by Dsquared 2 the cinnamon leaf goes well with black pepper and rose without forgetting of course the beautiful. Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs where the cinnamon leaf is the only one to tune the hearts.

As far as the Orientals are concerned, the cinnamon leaf note is versatile because it appears according to the major chords that are desired for the fragrance. Thus in the oriental and vanilla Cette Nuit-là by Fragonard, the cinnamon leaf appears as a heart note alongside florals and spices, while in a woody oriental such as Silver Shadow by Davidoff it is a note. head associated with bitter orange.

The cinnamon leaf note is a delicate note, both exotic and spicy, which gives discreet charms and scents from elsewhere to classic masculine fragrances. It does not appear much in feminine perfumes, however let us note the presence of cinnamon leaves in the pretty oriental Siwa by Memo and Precious Cedar by Darphin. Of course, the cinnamon leaf can also be particularly comfortable in a beautiful feminine floral juice as demonstrated by Moschino with I LOVE LOVE. The cinnamon leaf therefore has many possibilities

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