Carrot in perfumery

Carrot in perfumery

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As surprising as it may seem, the note of carrot, or rather carrot seeds, creates powdery facets with pretty woody, floral or even oriental scents.   

The carrot, this beautiful umbellifer with multiple qualities!

The carrot is part of the umbelliferous family just like the parsley, the fennel Although discovered more than 5000 years ago in the wild in Afghanistan, the carrot which was brown, white, green or yellow was not cultivated in Europe only in the 16th century. Moreover, the orange carrot that we know is the fruit of the hand of man in the same 16th century! It would be the Dutch who created the orange carrot from other existing varieties to pay homage to Maison Orange, a French Protestant kingdom.

Today the carrot is of course one of our favorite vegetables. It is cultivated as much for its fresh and slightly sweet taste as for the multiple properties offered by its seeds distilled into essential oil. In perfumery, carrot seeds are used to create olfactory structures with powdery and amber facets. Sometimes even the carrot seed replaces or reinforces in a flowery bottle the accords of iris, mimosa or violet.

The use of carrot essential oil in perfumery

The family that most currently uses the carrot note is the woody olfactory family which uses the powdery and iridescent facet of the carrot to structure or open the fragrances towards wild and slightly flowery grounds.

However, uniquely masculine and woody fragrances containing the carrot note are relatively rare because the creators tend to offer mixed fragrances. Thus Aquaman by Rochas and Dior Homme by Christian Dior are the only two current male fragrances to offer a carrot note. For Rochas the carrot will be a heart note associated with ginger and black pepper while for Dior, the carrot note is part of the explosive cocktail of base notes where iris, woody notes of vetiver and cedar, amber and sandalwood notes mingle. but also cocoa!

Regarding the mixed juices of the woody family where the carrot note appears, let us of course cite Santal de Mysore and Iris Silver Mist by Serge Lutens, Santal Blush by Tom Ford, Volutes by Diptyque, without forgetting L'Artisan Parfumeur's Carrot Flower. For each of these beautiful woody bottles, the carrot is, except in the case of Iris Silver Mist, a top note alongside sandalwood, patchouli or floral notes.

Let's not forget that carrot seeds are above all very iridescent and go perfectly with beautiful floral scents such as Touch of Pink and Lacoste for Women by Lacoste, Hiris by Hermès or even The Rain by Miller Harris. Moreover, the so powdery facet of the carrot can be fully exploited by juices created around the iris such as Si Do by Reminiscence which exhales the fragrances of carrot married in base notes to white musks, iris and with vanilla or even I love carrots from Honoré des Prés which also mixes the carrot note with iris and vanilla but also with patchouli or orange.

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